What is the one thing that you should never miss when leaving for the woods, working around the home or going hunting? The answer is simple; a knife! Having a knife that is sharp, comfortable, and easy to deploy is crucial in survival situations and everyday tasks. In this Becker BK22 Vs BK2 Comparison, we take a deeper look at the best two knives in the market to help you pick the ideal option.

Becker BK22 Vs BK2 Comparison

BK22 Vs BK2

Design and Handle

When it comes to the knife handle and design, we established that both BK22 and BK2 have impressive designs that make them easy and efficient to use. The Becky BK2 has a handle designed with zytel, a high-density plastic. This makes it an impressive tool for regular use.

The finishing of the BK2 handle is also impressive because it does not have sharp edges. Besides, it effectively exposes the pommel so that you can use it for crushing or hammering things.

In the case of Becker BK22, the handle is designed from grivory, a high polymer that can withstand some severe abuse. Besides, we established that the blade and handle are well balances so that the knife feels firm and secure. Notably, the pummel of this knife is stronger and can be used for stronger crushing compared to BK2.

Blade Design

During our Becker BK22 Vs BK2 comparison, one of the most important features was the blade design. The BK22 blade is ¼ inch thick high-carbon steel. This makes it feel sturdy and hefty in the hand. Though the additional weight might initially make the knife to look less attractive, it helps to make it sturdy and ideal especially for brute jobs such as slicing thick plastic and chopping wood.

Like the BK22, the BK2 is also designed using ¼ high carbon steel blade. It is strong and holds the edge well so that you do not need to regularly sharpen it. Though the classic drop-point shape and a high flat grind make this knife look impressive, it feels clumsy work with. This is contributed by its light construction.

Lock and Deployment

One of the areas where this BK22 Vs BK2 review established some major differences is on the locking mechanisms. Though both knives have fixed blades and you have to manually deploy them, the sheath system of BK22 is an improvement of BK2.

BK2 comes with a plastic and nylon sheath. The sheath is light, sturdy and does not have a snapping sound when you shove or draw the knife. You will also like the idea of the sheath having a drain hole that makes it easy for water to drain when using the knife in wet conditions.

BK22’s sheath is designed using heavy-duty Polyester that is light and firm. It also comes with an impressive Velcro belt strap that makes it easy to secure the knife on the belt, pocket, or bag. Notably, the sheath is also short to make it easy to conceal and carry around.


One of the things that we realized during the BK2 Vs BK22 knives comparison is that Becker was very keen to guarantee optimal comfort for the users. From an ergonomic point of view, the BK2 feels straightforward to use as it appears. The thick handle works well because its smooth outlook allows you to work without suffering bristles. Even if you have a larger hand, there is plenty of room on the handle.

BK22 was designed with the goal of delivering the same comfort of BK2. However, the fact that it is heavier than the BK2 makes it feel firmer and more comfortable. You will like the distribution of weight that makes the knife easy to slash an object with greater precision. Well, this is a great knife that you can enjoy working with all day.

Despite the impressive comfort, lack of grids on the handles of both knives can make them slippery, especially when working in wet conditions. Therefore, it is prudent to ensure you always have a firm grip.

Becker BK22 Vs BK2 Comparison

Key Features of Becker BK22

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– Design Update –

Overall Length:10.75 inches
Blade Length:5.25 inches
Blade Thickness:0.25 inches


Key Features of Becker BK2

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– Design Update –

Overall Length:10.25 inches
Blade Length:5.25 inches



During the Becker BK22 Vs BK2 review, we established that both knives are designed with a lot of focus on details and quality. We were particularly impressed by the simplicity of design for the BK2. However, BK22 proved to be the better option in many aspects because it was crafted as an improvement of BK2.

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