Both of the knives may seem almost identical at first and initially, you may not even find the difference, but you start using it the differences a right in front of you. Both of the knives are amazing if you ask me.

Benchmade company produces knives as per their costumer’s expectations, therefore, they make slight changes in each knife that is always better than the other. Once you start using their knives you may even start distinguishing all together.

This article will be based on the two knives that might have slight similarities and dissimilarities and probably by the end of this writeup, you will surely be able to see the differences between Benchmade 940 vs 940 2. Let’s get started!

Benchmade 940 vs 940 2

Size and Weight

The Benchmade is a knife that has got to be one of Benchmade’s one of the most popular models. The feel in hand and the refinement and the thoughtfulness of this knife is over the Griptilian if you may think that 940 is less better. On a different note. If you are comfortable with Griptilian that is solely your personal choice.

This 940 is one of the best everyday carry (EDC) knife, that has a total length of 7.87 inches and 4.47 inches when it is closed. In addition, it also is 2.9 ounces which is super lightweight with a blade length of 3.4 inches. If you turn the blade it basically looks like a reverse tanto. You can put this knife into the medium-sized EDC category knife also you can carry this knife as your constant companion.

Well, just like the 940, the overall length of the Benchmade 940-2 is also 7.87 inches with a blade length of 3.5 inches; the width is under half an inches. It slips into your pocket also feels great in hand. In addition, the weight is 2.6 ounces which is extremely fantastic.

Blade Design

If you turn the Benchmade 940 blade it basically looks like a reverse tanto. In addition, This knife has got a flat grind s30 steel so super-premium steel that anyone would love also, this is kind of the standard configuration. It is a Warren Osborne designed and a reverse tanto blade knife. The nice thing about this particular blade is the blade shape that gives you quite a bit of strength and durability at the tip.

In short, the blade of Benchmade 940 and 940-2 knife is very impressive because it does achieve very well for what it is meant. Nevertheless, which is to give a lot of strength and to deliver a blade that still slices well and doesn’t have to have super thick steel in order to get there. The edge rotate is completely movable; you can tweak the blade to suit your own inclination.

Handle and Ergonomics

The Benchmade 940 has an anodized aluminum in the handle, that comes with few colors and it’s sort of powdery finished. The knife has a titanium purple spacer on the back which is one of the reasons why this is a light weighted knife. The knife has a black clip which can go either way and it is a tip-up carry.

Unlike Benchmade 940, the 940-2 has an anodized barrel spacers and those are titanium. The handle gives a good grip and also mood enhancing. In addition, the 940-2 also has ultra-durable G-10 handle which is quite amazing. So G-10 is a handle scale as a material to be fantastic. They also chose the right pocket clip in my opinion that appears to be the black oxide version, not the printed version. The handle of 940-2 is much textured which provides a better way to handle the knife.

Lock System

The 940 is known for its action and this does not disappoint. Both of the Benchmade 940 and 940-2 has an amazing AXIS lock; also the open and closing is very easier comparison to other knives. One of the reasons for wish people are basically a fan of Benchmade knife is that they deploy quickly. The AXIS lock on 940-2 is smooth and kind of show off.
If you ask me, I believe that 940-2 is very impressive in all sector. It is cheaper than the other 940 knives in the line; provides better balance point also has an optimal balance point. Furthermore, the 940-2 also has s30v steel on it. so the same steel is standard 940 with a cheaper price. Although, both of the knives Benchmade 940 and 940-2 seems quite vigorous.

in my opinion, 940-2 is basically all in one type that provides a good grip also won’t fail to impress its customers.

Benchmade 940 vs 940 2 (Comparison)

Key Features of Benchmade 940

Update Design
Blade Length: 3.40” (8.64cm)
Open Length: 7.87” (19.99cm)
Blade Thickness: 0.115” (2.92mm)

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Key Features of Benchmade 940 2

Best Quality
Blade Length: 3.40” (8.64cm)
Open Length: 7.87” (19.99cm)
Closed Length: 4.47” (11.35cm)

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