For those of you who are unfamiliar with this topic, Kukri Blades are the traditional knives or daggers coming from Nepal. These were once considered a symbol of prestige. In the hands of an expert Gurkha, even a small Kukri could be deadly. Those guys could strike fear into the hearts of the most formidable warriors with their weapons!

Nowadays, Kukris are used in chopping or slicing woods. The top models are great for hiking and camping where you need to size up wooden planks to light fire.

Seeing how much the use of these blades has widened, everyone is trying to get their hands on best kukri for the money. This is where I’ll help you.

In this article, I’ll be going over some advantages this dagger brings to you. Plus, I’ll recommend few of my favorite brands’ models.

Later, I’ll be teaching you how to conduct a research on these products alone. Lastly, there’ll be a small guide teaching you how to use and care for this tool.

Since this will be a long article,  let us dive into the topic right away!

Why Should You Own A Blade Like this

Out of all the modern survival equipment, a “Kukri?” I mean, “Why?” I am not asking the question. Probably you are, after seeing the illustrious title of this enormous guide. Let me quench your thirst. Let me give you a silver lining. Let me give you few reasons to get yourselves a Kukri like me.

– These knives provide you ample support while you are out camping. A well-made kukri is tough and lasts long. You’ll be amazed at the cutting power it has. A kukri made of Carbon 1095 stainless steel blade can chop branches or slice thick wood like it’s nobody’s business!

– The Best Blades won’t pull down on you. These are flexible. While you are preparing for camps or hiking, these Kukris offer extensive support without actually suffering damage and breaking down themselves.

– These things are aesthetically pleasing. Also, “Fullers” or “Tangs” can reduce the weight of the Kukris. You’ll have no problems in swinging them compared to the regular knives.

Best Kukri Knives for the Money – The Smart Choices

Seeing how widely popular these survival knives are, you’ll find a lot of choices from a lot of brands. Everyone will pretend to be the best in the business.

Amidst all the options, the wise thing to do is compile your own list based on your own research. To help you, I’ve compiled a list of my own.

The following shortlist showcases some of the top Kukri Knives available for purchase right now.

1. Ontario Knife 1064206 Co OKC Kukri Knife

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Although Kukri Blades are Nepalese inventions, this one is American-made. As it turns out, the makers are quite good at their craft. You’ll be surprised at the weight of this knife. It weighs 19.7oz. This might be a bit too much for some people. But this kukri knife has a longer shape. The weight comes from that.

The thing interested me about this thing is the 1095 Carbon-made blade. It is sharp. I am not exaggerating when I say it aids you when you are chopping things for meals. Yes, you can do your cooking experiments or cut down small branches of trees when you are out hiking.

I liked the handle of this thing. It comes with contoured grip. No matter for how long you use it, you’ll always feel comfortable holding it in your hands. You have front and rear guards in place.

These things prevent your hands from sliding forward or backward preventing accidents. The textured grip keeps your hand in place.

Now when we discuss the sheath that comes with the knife, I must point out that it’s made with Nylon. The snap is of military-grade strength. It holds the Kukri in without harming your body.

There are five rivets that are placed strategically. The nylon spacers don’t let these rivets touch the blade. You will also have a D-ring that helps when you need to tie this with your leg. I’d call this Sheath okay but not on par with the best Gurkha kukri sheaths.

Overall, the OKC kukri is easy on hands thanks to the “Ergonomic” design. Even after hours of holding it, you’ll hardly feel fatigued.

Things I Love about this Kukri Blade
* This is a good option for people with a budget as the performance shows.
* The carbon coated blade is durable and lasts longer than most kukris out on the market.
* You’ll find the handle ergonomic and comfortable to grip as well thanks to the textures.
* I could use this when clearing obstacles during hiking or during my cooking experiments.
* People get a D-ring to use with their boots when carrying this thing.

Things I Don’t Like about this Kukri Blade
* I have issues with the sheath. The belt strap tends to fail when you use it roughly.

2. Schrade SCHKM1 Large Full Tang Kukri Machete

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This machete is a “Single Piece” 3Cr3 stainless steel blade. At a price below 50 dollars, this is one of the best kukri knife models you’ll find. I mean it! At this price, the manufacturers grant you a “Full Tang” design. What more can you possibly want?

This blade offers you rigidity and strength like any good survival blade would. This one comes with a powder coating to ensure that. At this price, I was impressed that this Kukri blade could withstand moderate hazards. I honestly expected nothing from it.

Personally, I love T-grip handles. Schrade SCHKM1 provides just that. You get a comfortable handle that’s designed ergonomically. You have a Palm-Swell at play. This helps people to grip the handle conveniently. Just in case you are wondering, this is a rubberized plastic. The handle is built to last.

SCHKM1 comes with a removable pouch for you to store the essentials. There’s a Ferro rod in the mix. This helps by providing heat. As a result, people can quickly light up the fire when they need it.

That’s not all! This thing comes with a field sharpener. It does what the name suggests. The sharpener sharps the edges if they get dull.

The sheath of this model is far better than my previous choice on the list. Schrade SCHKM1 comes with an “Over the Shoulder” carrying belt and a leg strap to tie the knife with. The sheath is stitched in a single file. But you won’t have problems with durability at all!

This is the ideal machete for camping as you can try batoning wood, curling wood to turn them into sticks (helps you with campfire), and chopping off long tree branches while moving through forests.

Things I Love about this Kukri Blade
* The blade quality of this brand and model is decent with stainless steel at the helm of it all.
* The blade is thicker than you think; it can handle anything you want to chop, cut or curl with it.
* The handle has a comfortable grip and feels great in my hand without putting too much of a strain.
* I liked the sheath. It gives you more carrying option while being stylish and practical.
* This thing can survive different weathers and water types when exposed to. Ideal for camping.

Things I Don’t Like about this Kukri Blade
* Stainless steel isn’t the ideal material for a blade. It gets dull quickly and is hard to sharpen as well.

3. Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri Plus

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This perhaps is the best Model you’ll find from Cold steel. One thing working for the machete is its length. Believe me or not, this is 17 inches long! Out of that 17-inch length is taken by the blade itself.

Manufacturers used 0-1 high-Carbon Steel in the making. It makes the weight 22.9 ounces. I am not counting the sheath here. That’s heavy if you ask me.

Besides being heavy, the steel is pretty thick as well. It is 5/16” thick. The thickness helps you get through thickest of tree branches when you are camping.

All these specs pay off greatly as you can imagine. This kukri blade is known for its precision while batoning, chopping, and making feather sticks to light up fires. There’s no question of durability here.

Why, you may ask. Well, the steel is pretty strong as it is. On top of that, it is “Heat Treated” to increase the bonding between molecules. This way, the blade becomes more durable than your average Kukri blades.

The interesting part is the handle. It is 5 inches long and ergonomic. You have a palm swell to help you grip it properly. Everything is good. Yet, I’d not advise you to do heavy chopping at thick wood. The handle might loosen up due to excessive using, hacking, and slashing at tree branches.

The sheath is something else! You have a nice protective layer around the outer part of this thing. It comes with a belt hoop. Feel free to attach a shoulder strap if you want. There’s also a Velcro strap for you. This will make detaching or attaching the shoulder strap easier.

Getting the knife into place is rather easy as well. Just push the knife in and you’ll hear a “Clicking” sound. There’s a lash towards the end of the handle and beginning of the blade. Strap it in place and you are done!

Things I Love about this Kukri Blade
* The blade is definitely sharp; I don’t have any complaints about the quality whatsoever.
* The stainless steel blade is very thick. That’s why it can withstand batoning and intense chopping.
* The large blade gives you tremendous downward force when you hack or chop the woods.
* The sheath is perfect. It gives you a number of options to keep the blade safe while not using it.
* Ergonomic 5-inch handle gives you enough room to grip it comfortably in your palms.

Things I Don’t Like about this Kukri Blade
* I have complaint about the grip of the handle. It loosens up when you exerts too much force.

4. Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri

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Ka-Bar is one of my Favorite Knife Brand on market. For good reasons of course. Firstly, the users mention it to be a combo of three.

It comes with the shape of a traditional Kukri knife. Then you have the machete’s ferocity, and the tremendous power of an axe. It is essentially three deadly things packed in one.

The knife is heavy weighing at 20 ounces. You have 11.5 inches of blade to contend with. The overall length of the knife is 17 inches which makes it easy to maneuver and perfect for chopping woods and trimming tree branches.

Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 is made using 1085 Carbon. Now you might say 1095 Carbon is better but actually, they are neck and neck. Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 is superior in terms of durability and strength. It doesn’t chip away easily. But, this thing won’t retain the edges that well like the 1095 variant does.

This thing comes with a black powder coating. The coating ensures that the blade remains free of dust in the long run.

Have you ever heard of Kraton G? Well, this is the material that makes up the handle of this Kukri Knife. This is a rubberized material that offers you comfortable grip. Thanks to the curved handle and this material, the 2-1249-9 won’t slip from your hands no matter how hard you swing this thing.

Do you fancy black leather? Well, the Ka-Bar Kukri Knife comes with a sheath that mixes black leather and Cordura together. The sheath perfectly encloses this dagger. You have two straps to secure this knife in place.

You have two “D-Rings” in place. These help you to attach a shoulder strap in place and carry this thing around comfortably.

Things I Love about this Kukri Blade
* I found the 1085 Carbon durable and it outlasts whatever you through at it outdoors.
* The handle feels perfect to grip with the Kraton-G rubberized grip in play.
* The sheath conceals this model perfectly posing no security threats while you are out working.
* D-rings make it easy to carry on your shoulder or at the side of your boot.

Things I Don’t Like about this Kukri Blade
* This thing loses the edge quite quickly and frequently.
* I’ve noticed reviewers complaining about the sheath giving up too soon.

5. Condor Tools & Knives 60217 Heavy Duty Kukri Knife

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This thing is clearly a work of art. In case you don’t know, Condor has been in business of making knives since late 1780s. Today, it is considered to be one of favorites adored by many. There’s hardly any kind of knife they don’t manufacture. Naturally, Condor brings out some of the best quality Kukri Blades as well.

Condor guys put in 1075 high-carbon steel into work. You’ll be glad to know that this steel is tough as hell. Naturally, it is resistant to chipping. This blade is 8mm thick and pretty easy to sharpen if and when it gets dull. You won’t have to sit around for hours for its maintenance.

This 10-inch blade is “Small-ish” if you look at it. It will fit inside most backpacks. The shape of this thing resembles a traditional Nepalese Kukri.

Condor 60217 comes with a Convex grind. Now, to many of you, this is uncommon as opposed to the traditional “V-Shaped” blade. This modification allows you to chop and split wood efficiently. This design also reduces drag force to allow you a clean swing while you are at it.

This thing comes with a 4-inch handle. The handle is made of Hardwood and is sturdy. This gives a nice boost to the design. Also, the handle is comfortable to grip. Your hands won’t feel fatigued.

There is a brass hole near the end of the handle to allow paracord facilities. The hardwood brings down overall cost of the blade. Yet, it proves to be functional.

This knife comes with a leather sheath. People can use the “Snap” closure if they want. It comes with a belt loop for you to pair it up with a belt. The leather is perfect for withstanding shock and rough use. It contains the knife well.

Things I Love about this Kukri Blade
* The 10-inch blade is super sharp and can chop or slice wood when you need it to.
* 8mm thickness prevents the blade from chipping and damaging itself from excessive use.
* Hardwood handle is classy and durable at the same time. Plus, it is ergonomically designed.
* The sheath has decent leather construction and a belt hoop to help you carry it.

Things I Don’t Like about this Kukri Blade
* I didn’t find any fault with the Kukri Knife.

6. Cold Steel 97KMPS Machete,

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Apparently Cold Steel is so famous for making survival knives. The 4000352 Cold Steel Kukri is essentially a mix of Nepalese Kukri and Western Machete Blade that provides superior performance and a lasting impact. How? Let’s find out!

The blade length is an amazing 13 inches. Such a long blade can easily go through wood when you need chopping and slicing. When you are out for camping, take this baby along. It will help you scale, debone, and fillet a fish (Besides doing other jobs of course).

The 1055 Carbon construction gives the blade strength. Black coating finish makes this thing rust resistant for the long run.

The five-inch handle is long enough to give you a comfortable grip. The handle is sturdy enough to resist constant hacking and slashing tree branches. It won’t loosen up. Plus, Polypropylene makes a great heat resisting material. It won’t heat up that quickly even under a sun that’s beating down.

I have no issues with the thickness of the blade. It is 2.8mm thick. It won’t chip or lose its edge anytime soon. I bear guarantee to that!

The Cor-Ex Sheath is better than it looks. It is lightweight and conceals the blade harmlessly. People can quickly conceal the blade or take it out depending on what the situation demands. The blade has sharp edges. Yet, this sheath is able to effortlessly contain the knife without any damages to itself.

Things I Love about this Kukri Blade
* The 13-inch blade is sturdy and razor sharp for my convenience.
* Few reviewers advised to upgrade the handle material for it to last longer.
* The edges are super sharp and they rarely dull over time.
* At 2.8mm thickness, this kukri knife is a decent one beating most of its competitors.
* One thing I need to mention is the chopping, hacking, and slicing power of this amazing tool.
* The polypropylene handle gives you a comfortable grip even for long hours in the sun.

Things I Don’t Like about this Kukri Blade
* Things I Don’t Like about this Kukri Blade

7. SOG Specialty Knives & Tools SOGfari Kukri Machete MC11-N

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As we are going through quite a number of Kukri knives, the common question at hand is, which one is the best survival Kukri? When you ask for the best in size, balance, effectiveness, and comfort at the same time, SOG knives should come first in your mind.

The SOG SOGfari Kukri Machete MC11-N is indeed one of the quality members to ever join the SOG family. This 18-inch baby has a 12-inch blade that is made of 3Cr13 high carbon steel.

Sounds impressive? Wait, there’s more! This is a well-balanced 15-ounce knife that will ensure an irreplaceable clean cutting experience. There is an actual saw back that does its job pretty well and the machete is well built with a sturdy and sleek hard-cased finish.

Want a comfortable grip? Look no further as this knife’s grip is not only ergonomically superior but it also has a Kraton rubber coating. Thanks to this, it won’t slip off your hands no matter how hard you swing.

What makes this perfect knife even more awesome is the additional accessory. Yes, I’m talking about the sheath. It’s made with a synthetic texture that is far more durable and long lasting than other materials. This is indeed important as it will serve as the preserver of the blade itself.

Whatever you are looking for, an adventure or some other practical use, this knife will never let you down. This thing has a saw at its back. The saw not only cuts deep but it offers a clean cutting experience without any unwanted pressure on the hands whatsoever.

Rounding everything up is the “Lifetime Warranty” just to assure you about the quality of this thing.

Things I Love about this Kukri Blade
* 12-inch blade is more than enough to slash or hack your way out of a mess of tree branches.
* The “Saw” at the back of this Kukri is super sharp and adds to the performance of this knife.
* Kraton rubber handle doesn’t slip from your hands; it is big enough to offer comfortable grip.
* Synthetic sheath can withstand harsh weather conditions, road bums, falling from heights; all while being strapped to your waste.
* Lifetime Warranty protects your kukri blade from any type of danger that may come in its way.

Things I Don’t Like about this Kukri Blade
* Some reviewers mentioned that this blade chipped quite easily because it is too thin.

8. Genuine Gurkha Kukri – Authentic British Gurkha AEOF Afghan Issue with Brown Sheath Kukri

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Those of you who are even remotely familiar with Nepalese culture, you know that Original Gurkha Kukri is miles ahead in quality in comparison with the rest.

This is authentic Nepalese Kukri you have in your hands. The blade carries a “Full Tang” design. The 11-inch blade is one of the sharpest. It is semi-polished and water tempered. This blade can slash, chop, and hack into anything.

The carbon steel that makes this knife is sturdy to say the least. It is 10mm thick at the middle of the spine. This makes the knife hard to chip. Thanks to the professional craftsmanship, this blade will last the test of time.

Overall, this blade makes up 16.5 inches (approx.). That’s big! You get this 5-inch Rosewood handle that’ll serve just fine. Overall, this blade makes up 16.5 inches (approx.). That’s big!

Not only that, you have two additional “Smaller” knives that come with the package. Whenever you are camping or are on a field trip, I am sure you’ll find uses of these two knives besides the bigger one.

You get this 5-inch Rosewood handle that’ll serve just fine. This handle is comfortable to grip. The rosewood is covered by buffalo hide. On top of that, you get three well-place rivets on the handle just to ensure the handle doesn’t slip out of your hands.

The thick is brown in color just as the handle. It holds the knife well. Made of leather, it protects the knife when you are not using it. But I am not a fan of this thing when I have to carry the Gurkha Kukri around my waist. You are better off making a new one for this knife.

Things I Love about this Kukri Blade
* This is considered one of the best Gurkha Kukris since it is entirely handmade (sheath included).
* The blade is 10mm thick at the spine which gives you tremendous swing power when you need it.
* The blades are water-tempered. They won’t chip away unlike some of the kukris do.
* The rosewood handle is another plus that makes this one of the best Gurkha kukris around.
* Additional Chamak and Karda knives serve well when you want to skin a small animal in camping.

Things I Don’t Like about this Kukri Blade
* The sheath could have been better at holding the knife in proper place while I didn’t use it.

9. Ka-Bar Combat Kukri Knife

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Do you know that Kukri Knives are one of the ancient blades around till this date? Well, these things are tested for time and functionality. At a little over 13 inches long, this knife packs a punch when it comes to that. Part of the reason is the 1095 Carbon Steel that goes into construction of this blade.

One good thing about this steel is that it is “Epoxy” powder coated. This coating ensures you don’t suffer from abrasion or corrosion. Also, this is the best kukri for money when you are out hunting. Why? Well, the coating doesn’t reflect light. You won’t be compromised in the dark in any way, shape, or form.

This thing has a downward curve and a wide tip. The design makes it a powerful machete/Kukuri.

The handle is a little over five inches long. It is made of G-Elastomer. This thing grants awesome sturdiness to the handle while making it slip resistant. The length gives you good swing power. Good swing power translates to great chopping and slicing of wood and meat when you need it the most.

Most people face the fear of their knives slipping from the sheath or it being too tight. This is because the sheath doesn’t fit it well. In case of this Ka-Bar Combat Kukri, you get a cover that fits it perfectly.

The Polyester cover protects your knife from any external damage and weather’s abruptness. Although I do recommend you to keep another custom-made sheath at hand. You might need it.

Things I Love about this Kukri Blade
* The blade has nice sheen to it plus the black coating makes it aesthetically pleasing.
* The black coating on Carbon 1095 steel makes it corrosion and abrasion resistant at the same time
* The handle is non-slip and has nice texture and length. The swing power you get is awesome.
* Polyester sheath does well to prevent water from getting in and damaging the beautiful knife.

Things I Don’t Like about this Kukri Blade
* Polyester sheath might not be a good cover for your blade as it needs a more substantial one.

What to Look or in an Ideal Kukri Knife

When you are out on your researching on these knives, you should look into a few aspects before making the judgement call.

Every Kukri blade isn’t the same. There are different ones with different highlight points. Ideal Kukri type will depend on what you use it for. These “Key Points” take all the things into consideration.

Notice the Blade Quality

This is THE most important feature of a Kukri. You can’t have a decent blade if it lets you down when you are out to chop or slice wood. That is why, I suggest you go for Kukri knives that come with Carbon 1095 stainless steel blades.

These things are pretty sharp. You’ll require less effort to chop through branches and pieces of wood. Also, these blades hardly get dull. Once they do, it is very easy re-sharpen them. Make sure you choose a blade that’s not prone to rust attack.

When purchasing these blades, try to purchase a “Convex-Shaped” one. Convex blades offer you great swing power. Also, make sure the blades are thick around the spine. Thee blades tend not to break that easily.

Check the Handle Before You Buy a Kukri

Whether you want a survival kukri knife, traditional Gurkha Kukri, a Machete, or a blend of traditional knives with modern look; handle is the second important thing to pay attention to.

Why? Because whatever brand you buy, the grip should be comfortable. The best bet is to buy an ergonomic handle. You can go for Ivory, wooden handles, polyester, or Kraton-G handles that are lightweight and anti-slip.

Just to give you a heads up, authentic and handmade kukris come with handcrafted handles. These take time to make and will cost you more than traditional kukris.

Do Check for the Cut-Out Feature

Most people won’t even care about the meaning of the word. Yet, this is a crucial feature when you are out to buy a kukri . The “Cut-Out” is the part that sits in the shade of the blade.

This notch serves an important purpose. This thing absorbs the shock generated from your swings. This little feature saves your hands. A good “Notch” or “Cut-Out” will differentiate a Good kukri from a “Great” one.

Check the Tang

This is the part that connects the blade with handle. Traditional Gurkha Knives don’t come with a tang. But I advise in favor of having one. The modern blades do come with a “Full” tang. This thing helps you when you are chopping down hard things like wood or hardwood. It doesn’t let the handle become loose or the blade turn in your hands.

Quality of the Sheath is Mighty Important!

Don’t you go ignoring me on this. I know people gloss over this thing quite regularly. But very often a fantastic blade is wasted on a “Low Quality” sheath. This sheath is meant to hold the knife when you are not using it. One should be able to keep it in a convenient place while walking or hiking.

All the while, the knife should be in a comfortable and harmless position. Inside the sheath, it shouldn’t move around. You should buy leather ones. Leather sheaths are more resistant to wear and tear than the normal ones. Handmade leather sheaths are great!

Whichever sheath you choose, make sure that it has belt loop system or strap system in place to securely pair the knife with belts or trousers.

How to Use A Kukri Blade?

In this section, let me go over everything you need to know in order to use the blade successfully. Knowing these tips can save you from a “Potentially Fatal” injury. So, here I go:

How to Carry a Kukri Blade?

Before you can hack or slash with this blade, you need to know how to carry one. This will allow the blade to stay in good shape. And, you, the wielder, to be safe.

The Nepalese Gurkhas used to carry the dagger wrapped inside a cloth named “Patuka.” This is a sash of cloth wrapped around the waist two or three times. The knife is placed at a shallow angle in between with the handle up and the blade down.

Most of the modern kukri wielders carry it in a belt scabbard. The scabbard needs to be well-protected and tight to maintain defense.

How Should You Hold the Blade?

There are two ways to grip the Kukri. These are the normal grip and the improvised one. The normal variant is nothing but a closed fist grip. This allows you to easily chop and hack through wood. People can even strike with closed fist grip when in combat for self-defense.

The Improvised grip is only a little bit different. This time, just close the fist with the thumb bent to the point where the last joint will lay flat towards the edge of the handle. People can grip the kukri this way when they are peeling fruit slicing anything against the hard surface, and cutting something.

The Art of Drawing the Knife Out

Carrying the knife and using it is fine. But if you don’t draw the knife right in the first place, it can injure you severely. That too without you actually realizing.

Before you can draw the knife in a proper manner, ensure that the sheath is placed in the opposite side of your dominant hand. If one is right-handed, the sheath should be at his/her left hand side.

Now, when you actually draw the knife out, make sure you place one hand on the handle of the blade. Grab the sheath with another hand. Push it against your hips. Then bring the Kukri out in one smooth and swift motion.

How to Rest the Knife into the Sheath?

Now, when people are done using the blade, they should carefully put it in. To do that, people should keep the scabbard away from their hip and push the knife in. It should be blade first and at a 70-degree angle. If this is too hard for you, just unclip the sheath or scabbard and take it from there.

How will You Maintain the Sharpness of These Blades?

Using these knives well means they’ll get dull over time. If you want to maintain top-notch performance you’ve been getting, I recommend you sharpen the blades in regular intervals. Wondering how? Well, these Kukris come with a dull and smaller blade called “Chakmak.” We’ll be using that. Let me show you the process step-by-step.
– We’ll start by placing a rough wooden plank on an even surface. My preference is either a bench or a table.

– The next thing to do is to place the tip of the dagger onto the plank. Make sure to grab the dagger with your non-dominant hand before you place it on the plank. Also, make sure the tip is away from your body.

– Now, it is time to apply some pressure on the kukri. Move the Chakmak from tip to notch of the kukri consistently.

– You should develop a rhythm of moving up and down when you are sharpening the knife. Once you are done with one side, proceed to the other.

Before I Leave You

As you can see, selecting the ideal survival knife is a task for the patient. You need to do a lot of research to make sure you get the perfect one for the job. You’ve got to make sure you get the right brand. Conventional knives come with hardened stainless steel consisting either Carbon 1055, 1075 or 1095. These are far better than the rest. While you are at it, get one with a comfy handle and perfect sheath.

Yet, choosing the right kukri is only the start. After buying you’ll have to know how to maintain this thing properly. Or else, all that money will be wasted. I hope with this humongous of a guide, I covered all the bases. Or did I? What did I forget to add? Let me know in the comments.

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