Nakiri is one of the top knife brands on the market today. The best Nakiri knife depends on your personal preferences, and what you intend to use it for. We’ve prepared a guide and review of the most highly recommended models that tell you everything that you need to know about Nakiri knives.

If you’re new to this type of knife, it is worth your time to learn about how a Nakiri knife can make kitchen tasks easier and more productive. Whether you’re a professional chef or you just enjoy cooking, having the best equipment for the job gives you more satisfying results.

What is a Nakiri Knife?

A Nakiri knife is designed for a specific purpose. It is intended for the preparation of vegetables such as those used in the making of soups, stews and other dishes. The features of a Nakiri knife include a flat blade that is good for push and pulls vegetable chopping techniques.

The construction allows the entire flat edge of the knife to come into contact with the cutting board to achieve cleaner and more uniform cuts. The risk of accordion cuts where the foods are still connected is greatly reduced.

10 Best Nakiri Knife Reviews

1. Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Nakiri Vegetable Knife

This knife features quality materials and construction with high carbon German steel for durability with a full-tang for effective vegetable cutting and chopping. the Santoprene handle provides a safe grip, hand comfort and is NSF certified. This is a super-sharp knife that is recommended as a good value for a reasonable price.

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It is best for anyone who is looking for a well-balanced knife that offers the stability of a full tang. This makes it more durable and stronger for chopping jobs.


-This knife is easy to handle and control with a comfortable grip that is easy on the hands and prevents hand and finger fatigue

-Durable high carbon forged steel is resistant to stain, rust, corrosion, and discoloration

-The full tang of this knife gives it the perfect balance

-It holds an edge remarkably well in between sharpenings

-The taper-ground edge creates stability for efficient cutting and chopping


-The spine is thin for a forged knife

-The texture of the knife makes it difficult to completely towel dry

2. DALSTRONG Phantom Series – Japanese High Carbon Nakiri Knife

This knife is a powerhouse with a razor-sharp edge, with expert craftsmanship and a design that ensures less resistance and minimal drag. This is an attractive Nakiri knife that features a black Spanish pakkawood handle polished to a high gloss with an exceptional grip and comfort. This Naikiri knife is the best choice for users who prefer a 6-inch blade and an attractive aesthetic.

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We love that this knife is razor-sharp right out of the box and it is made with a beautiful design that is also highly functional. It is a high performer but you must keep it clean and dry to reduce the chances of discoloration and pitting. The mosaic pin of brass and copper is a luxury feature that makes this an excellent gift idea for the chef in your life.


-Traditional Japanese D shaped handle offers superior grip and hand comfort to lessen fatigue for larger jobs

-The blade is razor-sharp adn holds a good edge

-High carbon Japanese steel is durable and resistant to chips and nicks

-This is an extremely attractive and highly functional Nakiri knife

-Cuts and chops vegetables efficiently and fast with little effort


-Must be cleaned immediately after use or the knife will begin to pit

-The included sheaths do not fit the blade very well

3. Shun Cutlery Classic 6.5” Nakiri Knife

Form meets function with this classic Shun Nkiri Knife. It features a contemporary styling that is lovely as a kitchen accessory, along with high performance as an efficient and reliable vegetable chopping and cutting knife. This knife is the best choice for chefs who prefer a lightweight vegetable knife.

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Those who prefer the heavier knives may find the blad to be on the flimsy side, which it is not, but it’s a matter of personal preference. It does an excellent job of cutting adn chopping vegetables but care must be taken not to damage the edge of the blade when using on hard surfaces.


-Handcrafted quality and solid knife that is sturdy and well-built

-Fast and efficient chopping with clean cuts thanks to the ultra-sharp 6.5-inch blade. It is ideal for larger vegetables.

-A strong and durable high-end knife that is made of 68 layers of Damascus stainless steel that is also resistant to corrosion, rusting, and discoloration.

-Reasonably priced and excellent value for the cost

-This is a versatile Nakiri knife that quickly cuts adn chops as well as slicing delicate tomatoes without crushing or tearing and julienning carrots adn other vegetables. it is a multifunctional knife.


-You need a rubber cutting board to help preserve the edge of this knife

4. WÜSTHOF 7 Inch Hallow Edge Nakiri Knife

Wusthof Gourmet Nakiri knife in a 7-inch blade for tackling the larger vegetable chopping jobs in your kitchen. The handle is made of fade-resistant material that is heat resistant and extremely durable with a laster cut stamped blade of high carbon stainless steel.

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This is a well-known brand that delivers high on performance and durability. It is the best choice for users who prefer a lighter Nakiri knife that is versatile enough for multiple cutting, chopping and slicing tasks.


-This knife lives up to the Wusthof reputation for high-quality German steel with a solid build and durable blade

-The blade is super-sharp and retains its edge for repeated uses in between sharpening

-The design of the knife with a hollow edge and indentations makes cutting fast and easy

-The thinner blade is good for slicing in addition to chopping and cutting. This is a versatile Nakiri knife


-This knife is extremely light so it takes more effort than if it were a little heavier.

5. Zelite Infinity Nakiri Chef Knife

The Zelite Infinity is the ultimate vegetable preparation Nakiri knife featuring a versatile styling that makes it the ideal knife for multiple kitchen tasks from slicing shreds to cubing. This is the best choice for chefs who prefer a versatile and multi-functional knife.

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It’s a Nakiri style that can cut through a tomato with ease right out of the box because it’s that sharp. This is a high performing knife that is exceptionally durable with the only drawback being the fact that the handle is straight. If you use it for long periods your hand will fatigue easier.


-A versatile kitchen knife that slices, dices, chops both vegetables and fruits with ease

-This knife is solid and durable with full tang construction that gives it good balance for the best performance

-Stainless steel in a Damascus pattern of 67 layers in a high-end knife at a reasonable price, suitable for professional and amateur chefs

-Exceptionally sharp and it cuts through vegetables and meats


-The handle could be improved with a slight curve added for ergonomics

6. Kai 6716N Wasabi Black Nakiri Knife

This is a traditional Japanese style Nakiri knife with a simple design featuring a bead blasted finish. Ideal for fast and efficient vegetable preparation with the high-carbon stainless steel blade that holds an edge for extended use.

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This is one of the most reasonably priced Nakiri knives available that still offers high quality and performance. It’s attractive and functional with a super-sharp blade that holds its edge well when properly honed. It chops through vegetables quickly and thoroughly with clean cuts. It’s ideal for anyone who needs a vegetable prep knife and doesn’t want to spend a lot of money.


-This knife is an excellent workhorse with a strong blade that can tackle challenging chopping and cutting tasks

-It’s ultra-sharp right out of the box and ready to use without the need for honing

-It is stylish and attractive with special Japanese character embellishments

-carbon steel blades hold an edge for a long time


-The handle is slimmer than most Nakiri knives and harder to hold onto

-You must use the proper sharpening technique or the blade becomes duller

7. Wusthof Classic 7-Inch Nakiri Knife with Hollow Edge

This is a Nakiri knife that comes from an established brand known for high-quality German steel this is durable and high performing. The craftsmanship and design of this knife are top-notch with a precision-forged blade, a full tang for perfect balance and an ergonomic handle in a 7-inch high quality yet affordable knife.


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This knife is one of the most highly recommended brands of Nakiri knives. If you value high functionality, a scary-sharp edge, and versatility for multi-tasking, then this may be the best choice to make.


-Excellent value for the cost compared to high functionality and durability

-A thinner blade lets you make more precise cuts and the flat edge prevents the accordion effect for clean cuts when chopping.

-The blade is super-sharp and it retains an edge through several uses before needing a touch-up

-Versatile uses that will cut bread, vegetables, and meat both thick and thin portions


-This knife would be improved if it came with a blade guard as an additional safety feature. It is very sharp and accidents do happen

8. Shun TDM0742 Premier Nakiri Knife, 5.5-Inch

The Shun Nakiri knife features a distinctive signature aesthetic in an attractive hand-hammered finish that prevents food from sticking to the blade. Premium materials and superior craftsmanship make this a high-end knife that delivers on performance and durability.

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This is a Nakiri knife that is ideal for gift-giving because of its attractive appearance and its high functionality. It’s a good value for the price and holds up well over time as long as the recommended care processes are followed. It’s made of Damascus steel which gives it a high-end status in an overall good vegetable knife that performs very well for its intended tasks.


-Damascus steel that is handcrafted is durable and solidly built for reliability

-This knife comes sharp and it holds an edge for several uses

-Ideal for cutting vegetables quickly and efficiently. The blade is flat and reaches through the vegetables to the surface below

-The handle is extremely comfortable and fits in the palm for a more secure grip


-The blade discolors and pits quickly if you do not thoroughly dry it immediately after use

-The special lettering on the knife blade wipes off quickly

9. Kyocera FK-150 NBK Revolution Nakiri Ceramic Knife

This is an innovative design in a ceramic blade that uses zirconia material for a beautiful finish and exceptional quality. This super-sharp Nakira knife will make your culinary tasks faster and easier. This is the perfect Nakiri knife if you prefer a super-sharp edge that doesn’t need sharpening very often.

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It’s versatile enough to cut through vegetables, meats, and other softer foods and you can make thick or thin slices with ease. It’s lightweight and excellent value for the price.


-Very sharp right out of the box

-The ceramic blade does not need sharpening as often as traditional steel blades do so fewer interruptions in work

-High-quality knife with a solid and stable build with good weight distribution and balance

-A very lightweight knife that is very easy to clean and to maintain.

-Ideal blade width and depth for chopping vegetables and boneless meats


-The blade chips easily if you hit a hard surface or cut into a bone

10.  TradaFor Sharp Nakiri Knife

This is the ultimate vegetable knife. The Usuba is a Japanese style chef knife featuring a straight edge and a single bevel for cutting the most delicate vegetables and making paper-thin slices with perfection. This is a great choice for anyone who wants an affordable vegetable preparation knife that comes out of the box sharp enough to use.

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It has received high marks for retaining a sharp edge through repeated uses. The blade and handle of this knife are gorgeous and it is suitable for gift-giving as well.


-A razor-sharp blade that holds its edge very well

-This knife cuts through even the most delicate foods to make thin cuts that hold their shape without crushing or tearing

-This knife is solid and well built and if properly cared for it stays looking like new

-The handle is ergonomically shaped for an excellent grip and comfortable in the hand for bigger jobs


-It’s a bit difficult to sharpen because it requires a specific angle

Things to Consider Before Buying a Nakiri Knife

Before you make your decision about which Nakiri knife to buy, there are a few things to think about first. Not all of these knives are made of the same materials or created in the same style. First consider your budget, the style, and size you will need, the type of material you prefer and the handle styling.


The most expensive Nakiri knife is not necessarily the best. You can purchase a moderately priced model that is highly functional and will meet all of your culinary needs without breaking the bank. Establish how much you are willing to spend before you make your final choice.


Nakiri knives are all flat on the bottom for superior cutting and chopping performance, but there are different styles available. Some have hammered surfaces and others have air pockets built on the blade to help prevent the accordion effect or crushing. Which style would work the best for you? Do you prefer a longer blade, a shorter one, thinner or thicker blade? Also, consider the weight of teh knife. Some prefer heavier blades because they require less effort.

The Handle

Also, think about what type of handle you prefer. Does it need to be fancy or will a plain one do? Ergonomics are important if you are going to use it frequently. The handle should fit comfortably in your hand and give you a good grip for better control of the knife.

What is the difference between Nakiri and Usuba Knife?


A Nakiri type knife is meant for cutting vegetables. it is designed with a straight blade for precision vegetable cutting as well as for chopping vegetables with a hard texture. It is made with extra strength, or at least the better ones are, to handle these tasks. The Nakiri knife has a double bevel on the edge and it is easy to sharpen. It is better for cutting items that are harder and taller. It is good for both left and right-handed users and they are generally cheaper than Usuba knives.


Usuba knives feature a thinner blade than a Nikiri and they usually have a single bevel versus the double edge of the Nakiri. The Usuba allows for greater precision for achieving higher degrees of detail with cuts and slices. It takes a high level of skill to sharpen the delicate blade edge of the Usuba and most of them are suitable for use by both right and left-hand users. They are more expensive than Nakiri knives in most instances. Usubas also have longer blades, are heavier in weight and the most often used in professional kitchens.

How to use a Nakiri knife?

It takes a little practice to become proficient with a Nakiri knife. It is used to cut vegetables so it is important to follow a pattern. Simply move the knife up and down over the vegetables without moving the knife horizontally while you are cutting the vegetables for the best results. Your fingers should be bent in the shape of a claw and you will use your knuckles to force the blade up and down in a specific pattern.

Glide the knife in an up and down manner touching knuckles slightly as you go. Keep the blade straight to get an even cut across the board so the knife reaches the surface beneath and cuts completely through the vegetables. Be patient with yourself because it takes practice to perfect the technique.


Q: What does Nakiri mean?

A: Nakiri is a Japanese word that means a knife for cutting greens

Q: what is a Nakiri knife good for?

A: A Nakiri knife is good for cutting and chopping vegetables

Q: How to sharpen a Nakiri knife?

A: You can have it professionally sharpened or use a whetstone to hone a Naikiri to a 15 to 17-degree angle


Nakiri Knives are the best choices for preparing vegetables. They do the best job of cutting and chopping if you choose the best quality Naikiri knife for the job. Our selection of Naikiri knives is the most highly recommended by users who have purchased and reviewed them.

To get the best possible Naikiri for yourself, browse through our reviews to find the one that offers the features and functions that most closely suits your budget, and preferences of style, appearance, size, and handle type.

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