I have been thinking of doing a knife that I have started using recently after Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife and Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge Folding Knife. These two knives are kind of leading my top favorite knives list.

So, it’s been almost a month I came back from Alaska after an adventure with my friend. This adventure can be called weird at some point. Despite having all the necessary stuffs for example, navigator, water bottle, fire striker, knife we had a hard time surviving there as my friend lost his survival kit bag we both had to depend on my kit. Well, that a different story. Let’s keep it for some other day.

This game-plan is unquestionably one motivation driving why you should attempt this thing since you’ll have nothing to lose. Regardless, getting it won’t wind up being an oversight. There are different reasons why this thing is viewed as a superior than normal catch by various sharp edge sweethearts.

Today, I am going to give a review of this popular Celtibero CDS-Survival Mova-58. This spain made knife is very interesting. I however, has a confession to make, after using Schrade SCHF9, I thought no other knife can make me fall with it but this one had me change my mind.

The Exclusive Features of Celtibero CDS-Survival Mova-58

The cutting edge or the sharp blade which is essentially CDS hunting knife is a hazard free buy that runs with a 100 percent boundless assurance. The makers are so sure about the possibility of their thing that they have offered “a leave outline” for clients who are puzzled with their buy.

The great edge, which has a sharp edge perfect for batoning, part, bushcrafting, cutting, and making tuft sticks or maybe feather sticks.

This is a full tang quality knife along with its amazing features which would be another reason for you to buy it and the blade lovers to admire it. Lastly, if you have keen interest in knives, then just go for it, this knife won’t disappoint you.

Stop wasting your valuable time on something by which you won’t be benefited or may regret later. This knife with exclusive features will make you go wow.

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The Materials of The Blade

This knife is handmade in Spain and with a blade cut by laser. Overall length of this knife is 275 millimeters or 10.82 inches. This knife also features a 5.7 inch or 145 millimeter blade of stainless steel molybdenum vanadium 58 or MOVA-58. In addition, the blade features a Saber Grind.

The knife has a lashing hole on the blade. the Blade is usage protected and strong. The rust check farthest point of the edge effectively shields it from getting harmed and furthermore derives that proprietors which are shielded from bacterial and parasitic debasements that may ascend out of off the cuff and self-asserted cut injuries.

In addition, The MOVA-58 Stainless Steel Blade is created in an innovatively pushed way that guarantees that it has a sharp edge.


During the time of my survival act with my friend, this knife helped me with several ways. Starting from batoning to making tent this knife went up to my expectation. After that, I kept telling people if this is not the knife then I don’t know what is!

The sharpness is quite exquisite and the handle happen to impress me with is fine quality wood. Well, let’s keep it for the later part. But first and foremost the blade is really very shape with an amazing cutting edge.

The 90-degree forefront edge spine of the CDS survival cut makes it ideal for gimping and passing on a superior than normal shower of flashes. The critical and sharp fragment of the spine makes it profitable for giving a tidbit. Another wonderful feature of the CDS survival cut is its weight.


Severing wood with a sharp edge like this of a size which is basically a normal assessed slice is constantly going to be a touch ungraceful as we in general expect practically a goliath cut yet this cutting edge is unmistakably knows its work and holding it’s definitely not an issue using any and all means.

You may have request for example, is this cutting edge a fair one, will it make each fundamental stride which it is normal for, is it content with holding? By then let me uncover to you this that , ‘yes’ this cutting edge can do all these.

Furthermore, this cutting edge finishes a really awesome activity as long as you are incredible at pointing and getting the substituting edges hitting the wood. In order to use this knife for example some bushcrafting maybe, like notches, V notches, square notches, you will find comfort holding it.

However, there might be a minor drawback which is when you got to push down and add that extra leverage and you got pushed down on that jimping because that jimping is a tad rough but other than this is knife is all set to go.

Sheath System

The blade accompanies a full crush cowhide sheath, sharping stone, and a Ferro pole. I like this sheath which has a snap maintenance so you can call it somewhat old school sheath. This sheath of the CDS Celtibero cut has a pocket on front which the regular stone fits in extremely well.

Also, I am accepting, in the wake of utilizing this things I trust the makes has focused on this sheath as it awed me extremely well. the honing stone gives off an impression of being a medium coarseness stone and it is a characteristic stone.

The honing accompanies the little paper that accompanied it said don’t utilize all, utilization water. I really figure it would be truly great stone that it has an inclination that it to me and after that accompanies a fire striker and I to some degree trust it is somewhat shabby. The fire striker is standard size anyway it looks enjoyed 5 dollar Ferro bar to me nothing extravagant.

In spite of the fact that, the sheath has a Ferro bar circle you need in it has a lashing circle on the base and two or three openings in here. Also, I believe it’s decent about the sheath which is, it isn’t just got like a hanging waist band.

The sheath likewise has diverse convey choices that I sort of loved. Subsequently, you can hang this down additionally the calfskin on back of it can be utilized as a scout convey that you can slide your belt and it works extremely well. In addition, you can likewise utilize the two indents in the event that you need to convey the blade somewhat higher.

Handle & Ergonomics

The knife basically comes with two different kinds of handles and these are Cocobolo handle which is a wooden one, and other one is Micarta, well we all know what this is. To be honest, if you ask me, I would definitely go for the Wooden Cocobolo one as I find it amazing with a comfortable grip, specially, during batoning.

Just in case if you still wonder what is a cocobolo handle and why am I choosing this one? Am I nuts or something then let me tell you this, that cocobolo is a hard wood came from the Central America and to me, this brings the beauty to this knife which is nicely polished and amazing cocobolo handle with super sharp cutting edge.

Overall Review of the Celtibero CDS-Survival Mova-58 Knife

I personally find this knife incredible as it had been quite useful during my survival act which I have mentioned few times. If you want to buy this knife then I assure you this won’t be a regretful choice. However, you might have different preferences and expectations and not necessarily you would like this knife.

Although, as per my concern the sharpening stone can be a bit problem if you don’t use it well. in order to keep it smooth you might as well wash it with water or oil.

Lastly, this knife’s feature are quite impressive and smooth. If you hold a keen interest regarding blades then this knife can be a good choice too.

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons are given below,


  • The blade accompanies a full crush cowhide sheath, sharping stone and a Ferro pole.
  • he sharpness is quite exquisite and the handle happen to impress me with is fine quality wood.
  • This knife has 90-degree forefront edge spine.
  • Has a fire striker.
  • The handle is made of Cocobolo wood.
  • The blade is made of stainless steel molybdenum vanadium 58 or MOVA-58 which features a saber grind.


  • The fire striker rod is a bit cheap.
  • The sharpening stone might be incapable of making you knife sharp.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is this a USA made blade?
A: No, it is made in Spain.
Q: What the steel is made of?
A: The blade is made of stainless steel molybdenum vanadium 58 or MOVA-58 which features a saber grind.
Q: What about the wooden handle?
A: The wooden handle is made of cocobolo wood and it is really good.
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