Cold Steel Finn Wolf Review

Every year, I take into the jungle about two times to connect with nature. Looking at the documentaries on the top channels such as National Geographic or The Human Planet, one cannot but get mesmerized by the survival skills depicted by scientists. Now, whether on a smaller scale hiking expedition or camping outdoors, the one must have tool is a survival knife.

One of the top options that I have come to respect because of its outstanding performance is the Finn wolf folding knife. Its outstanding solid construction and availability at an unbelievably affordable price make this knife an irresistible piece.

Therefore, if you have been planning to buy an EDC (every day carry) knife, this is one piece you should not hesitate to pick. Here is the comprehensive review of the Cold Steel Finn Survival knife that will help you explore it more comprehensively and make your choice on whether to buy it.

Exclusive Features of Cold Steel Finn wolf knife

Blade Body

This Cold Steel Finn Survival knife has a 3 mm thick slab of AUS-8A and a length of 3.5 inches. But the thing that makes it more outstanding from peers is its unique Scandinavian grind. This implies that the knife comes with a single bevel. Though it has a slight secondary edge, it is truly awesome.

Because the knife is inspired by the classic Pukko design, it was meant not just for minor cutting. Though you might want to pair this cold steel knife (little guy knife) with a belt knife, the blade’s size makes it a great one-handed option for quick slicing tasks.

The design of the blade allows the tip to sink into the handle. This coupled with the perfect locking mechanism allows the user to carry the cold steel knife comfortably without worrying of injuries. Whether you want the knife for tougher cutting tasks when out in the woods or indoor related events, you can count on this blade lengthy edge.

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Your knife is as good as its blade sharpness. If you will be out in the field for a camping or scientific expedition, the knife should hold its edge for longer without requiring regular re-sharpening. The Finn wolf folding knife stands taller than its peers because it can hold the edge for longer.

The Satin polished Japanese AUS8A blade can hold the edge for up to three weeks without requiring re-sharpening. For the entire two weeks that I was camping in the Great Canyon, the Finn wolf folding knife did not require additional sharpening. Indeed, it could have taken even longer but my excursion was through in two weeks. For those with standard tasks such as the common home or office cutting, the sharpness can go for more days.

The good thing with Finn wolf folding knife is that even when the edge finally ebbs out, re-sharpening is very easy. However, it is recommended that you sharpen the blade every two weeks for optimal performance.


When I first used the Finn wolf folding knife, it felt simple and light. But it was probably because I had been used to high end and heavier pieces. But this outdoor knife is a special model designed to give others a run for their money. The blade is made of stainless steel while the joint locks firmly to give you absolute control on the task at hand. When you combine this with a handle that runs well across the hand, even tasks that require extra force will be a lot more fun.

To cap the notion of strength, it is important to point at the special handle mechanics. When you grab this outdoor knife firmly, the slight protrusion at the back and before the blade helps to lock the fingers. This allows you to slice materials harder without worrying the hand will slip to the blade resulting in accidents.

Sheath system

The primary goal of going for an outdoor knife is to ensure that it can be easily carried everywhere for planned or other cutting tasks that may pop up.  This calls for a clear and reliable sheath to hold and lock the blade for extra safety. I found the Finn wolf to be extra reliable because of its firm sheath.

The tip of the Cold Steel 20NPFZ Finn Wolf Folding Knife goes right into the peninsula of the handle. When this is combined with the tri-ad locking model, the handle and blade hold onto each other together so that users can progress with other tasks without worrying about unexpected deployment.

Handle and ergonomics

The handle of the cold steel 20NPFZ Finn wolf folding knife is 4-3/8″ Long OD Green Griv-Ex. Though this is plastic and one might be tempted to think it is an underdog, it is hardened to guarantee a perfect grip. It also features scales that feel very good to touch and helping to make the grip firmer.

The Tri-ad locking system was designed by Demko to articulately hold the blade in place and make deployment easy. The blade also features a permanently fixed stud that makes it easy to deploy the knife with the thumb. The entire locking system is very easy to use so that you can deploy the knife fast, get it on the right grip, and slice the target material with precision.

Pocket clip

The Finn wolf folding knife pocket clip is designed to firmly hold onto your pocket. It also helps to enhance the outdoor knife’s grip so that you can make clear cuts when using the knife in the jungle. Note that unlike other EDC (every day carry) knives, the Finn wolf knife’s clip is relatively shorter. This makes it a great option to clip on the belt when the pocket is not ideal.

The clip is secured with three Torx screws which imply that you can easily remove it for cleaning or other maintenance works. For those who want their knives to look new even after having them a couple of years, they can simply unscrew and replace the clip.

Cold Steel Finn Wolf Review – Final thaught

After using the Finn wolf knife for some time, I was impressed by its great features. This piece is a great option for both survival and conventional outdoor tasks. The fact that you can deploy the knife fast and the blade can hold the edge for longer makes it a perfect option for your outdoor expedition. With its perfect clip that allows easy securing on the pocket or belt, you can go on with the specific outdoor tasks and promptly reach it on demand.

Pros and Cons


  • The Cold Steel 20NPFZ Finn Wolf Folding Knife has a very effective locking system.
  • The handle is designed with light plastic and features scales that help to provide a perfect grip when slicing materials.
  • The petite design and lightness make the Cold Steel Knife a perfect option for fast deployment.
  • The blade holds the edge for longer.
  • The blade, handle, and easy to remove/secure torx screw makes the outdoor knife very easy to maintain.


  • You will need to resharpen the knife when the blade losses the sharpness. However, this is important for optimal performance in all knives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can the knife deploy when in the pocket resulting in accidents?
A: No. The knife is designed with a locking mechanism that holds the blade in place until the user decides to deploy.
Q: Can I be assured of getting value for money after ordering the knife?
A: Yes. This knife is will deliver a lot of value for money because it has many use cases.
Q: What should I know about the maintenance of the knife?
A: The Cold Steel 20NPFZ Finn Wolf Folding Knife is very easy to maintain. You only need to sharpen it and keep it dry. If you will not be using it for some time, store in a dry place.
Q: What is the shipping weight of the knife?
A: The shipping weight of the knife is 5 ounces. However, the weight of the knife alone is 3.52 ounces.

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