What is Product Affiliation?

So what is product affiliation disclosure? This can be flagged as one of the common questions to people who are familiar with online shopping. Even I was one of them until I started doing some research on this particular topic. This is an actual truth that most of us fail to acknowledge or may have kept some misleading thoughts regarding this issue.

Let me give you a clear idea on this. Have you ever searched for online reviews before buying a specific product? And suddenly, at one point of the review or maybe, in the end, it says, “Click here to get the website link”. Surprisingly, it actually takes you to the particular website through which you can easily buy your required products. Therefore, if you are satisfied with the review, as a result, you may end up buying it.

FTC Guidelines

In the year of 2009  “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsement and Testimonials in Advertising” was published by The Federal Trade Commission (FTC). In this manifesto, they explained and emphasized the importance of knowing about the Product Affiliation Disclosure for the consumers.

Enables Transparency

According to FTC, it requires corporations and people who acquire reimbursement for endorsing services or products to genuinely disclose this connection to the purchaser. Therefore, without a doubt as an end result, any affiliate who receives repayment by endorsing or promoting goods or services using critiques, ratings, blogs, videos, articles, or different testimonials ought to conspicuously divulge the monetary imputes.

It is basically a sole process of transparency that enables the trust between link providers and the buyers.

Is it a Scam?

Here comes the common question, how come it benefits the certain website? So you might think Product Affiliation is a scam. However, valuing your opinion the answer has been given down below.

Nevertheless, through our website reviewpr.com, we are here to give you certain ideas, links, and reviews about the product that you are seeking. Point to be noted that we are not selling the products to you directly rather we are providing necessary help through which you will get a proper guideline about the product. For example, is it worth your money? Will you be benefited? What are the features? and so on.

In addition, the important fact is that us providing certain websites link and ‘you’ clicking the link and buying the product will, however, benefit us with a certain amount of money or commission.

If you are thinking that the price may vary, for example, selecting a product through our provided link may cost you more than the actual website! Then let me tell you that the price remains the same. There will be no differentiation or changes.

Do We Support Sponsored Contents?

We can assure you that our website only supports the product that has been used by the members or the family and friends. We come up with the best product review through which you can get the ultimate support and help.

However, there could be the slightest possibility that our opinion and reviews might not match yours. Which is fine as we provide the unbiased opinion. Furthermore, you won’t regret and your support could help us with upcoming reviews about best products. Thank You.