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So, I have been thinking of doing a review on one of my favorite knives. This is one of a knife that is quite large and always good for outdoor camping. My fondness for adventure and enthusiasm towards survival acts has always kept me closer to fine knives.

As I have been doing a couple of reviews due to my sudden survival adventures I need to keep a close eye on different kind of knives. Sometimes I do compare and contrast between knives with almost similar features. The knife that I am talking about has aesthetic features that will help you chose the best of them all.

Recently my friend and I went on an adventure and had done a couple of survival activities. In addition, we used a couple of renowned knives and regardless, to say that my that knife that became one of my personal favorites is ESEE 6P Fixed Blade Knife. These knives have different models but I liked the particular one which is 6P. On a different note, my friend liked the Ontario 499 Air Force Survival Knife.

I argue the fact that ESEE 6P Fixed Blade Knife is far better than Ontario 499 Air Force Survival Knife. Let me enlighten you with some fascinating facts about ESEE 6P which will enable the path for you to choose this knife instead any other else.

Here goes the review of one of the best quality hunting and survival knives “ESEE Knives 6P Fixed Blade Knife” down below.

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Exclusive Features of ESEE Knives 6P Fixed Blade Knife

ESEE blades, already previously known as  R.A.T cutlery is a standout amongst the most pleasantly showed up cutlers in the United States of America, a cutler with a durable notoriety for excellent, and with the proprietors Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin status by a method for their items regardless.

In addition to that, it all started in the year of 1997 when RAT Cutlery started utilizing their broad involvement in showing basic instincts to the military, law authorization and regular folks, and for the wilderness specifically, Randall and Perrin started planning the best blades they could make. There had some ground rules or specific features in the process of making their signature knives, such as superiority, affordable price, sharp blades and more.

In 2002 they got an opportunity from Ontario Knives Company to deliver the RTAK cut on a 5-year contract and furthermore outlined the RTAK II, the TAK, the RAT-3, RAT-5 and RAT-7 and also the Model 1 and Model II folders which were to be made by the Ontario Knives Company amid this phase.

Randall and Perrin therefore, in the year of 2010  changed their cutlery name to ESEE Knives and started creating their own particular blades under their own particular image and with that the two organizations went separate ways totally.

They are prominent, trustworthy, highly respected. Therefore, I have always been a fan of their work. Moreover, their products are indeed unique, handy and of course completely magnificent.

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The Materials of the Blade

This Knife is cool and one of the best quality premium survival knife. Its overall length is 11.75 which includes a cutting edge of 5.75 inches. In addition, the overall blade length is 6.50 inches and the width is 1.56 inches. This leaves us with the weight maximum thickness and also the steel and hardness.

This particular beast weighs 12 ounces and the maximum thickness is .188 inches. Undoubtedly it is a 1095 carbon steel and the Rockwell Hardness is 55-57 RC which is really appreciable. Moreover, ESEE 6 has full-fat grind with a drop point and a plain edge.

As per me, I favor outdoor cuts on the grounds that the blade we use for outdoors should be sufficiently sharp to do outdoors tasks like cutting, batoning, building things or maybe even chopping also have the capacity to rod or split wood, and possibly do some infrequent hacking and perhaps simply enough slashing so I can snap a branch by venturing on it.


Before writing this review I field tested the knife myself. This Knife is extremely good for batoning. I tested it on a three-inch piece of wood and nevertheless it went right through a bunch of knots blasting right through the top justify. You will be able to do a lot of batoning not only that you would also be able to process a lot of wood for your emergency purposes for example to make a bonfire and for your fireplace.

it is a survival cut worked by and for genuine individuals who have beta tested the blade in genuine circumstances. The ESEE 6 leaves the tests without a hitch and this incredible knife is well manufactured, strong, and obviously enough to do your job well done. In addition, regardless to say that his knife is outstanding amongst other survival cuts available.



The sharp edge of this ESEE 6P Fixed Blade Knife isn’t specific bushcraft cut, anyway more wild survival cut, proposed for that particular setting and particularly to unwavering quality, yet to some degree less for flexibility, in spite of the way this is totally more than useful in numerous settings. The principle support at some portion of the edge is the ‘quality’. In addition, the sharp edge of this Knife is in a general sense planned for what an edge is to a great degree simply anticipated that would do, for instance, cutting, slicing, slicing and penetrating or puncturing.

ESEE 6 is a full tang knife, which suggests the sharp part that extends as a wide, solid and solid piece of steel from factor to end. This is a remark appreciative of as it suggests less danger of breaking at the tang. For this circumstance, and as is most typical, the tang is undeniable the separation. At any rate in nippy environments, this is less reasonable as stripped metal, contrary to the revealed skin isn’t decisively awesome. A covered tang is better for such climates. Everything considered, this Knife isn’t generally toward the begin gathered for Nordic environments.


One final intriguing note which is there are two sections in the sheath, the belt cut segment and the real sheath. The sheath of this Fixed Blade Knife is not Kydex, rather this is a molded plastic. Although, I really wish if they had given it a Kydex sheath. It’s not bad in comparison to other knives on the market, but compared to laser strike, the ESEE 4 and ESEE 5 and the smoothest which are made out of Kydex, those are just a little better quality.

The sheath comes in different colors such as olive green, black. In addition, with this ESEE 6P Fixed Blade Knife, you will get paracord lashings, good paracord lanyard for your leg so you can use with it all sorts of different ways, for example, putting blade tech locks on it. However, you would get good thumb ramp in this Knife’s sheath, so that you can push off really and easy like pulling your knife out real quick. This knife also has great little thumb ramp that clicks into places which is the reason of me liking this and the retention is kind of with two little plastic hoops over the handle.

In addition, on the back of the sheath, there is a paddle similar to a lot of the other ESEE line knives with the nice steel belt loop which will also go through MOLLE and then you could wrap the paracord lanyard through the MOLLE to kind of lash it to a pack if you feel the need.

Handle and Ergonomics

The handle has Micarta canvas which has a lanyard gap or cord opening in the adjusted knob or pommel.  To be more exact,  ESEE 6 has Dark Earth Blade with Canvas Micarta Handle.

Overall Review

I personally liked this knife. It has jimping on the edge which gives a good hold. The amazing handle with exclusive features like Micarta canvas and the pommel is a great deal. However, the molded plastic sheath is not up to the mark. A Kydex sheath like other ESEE could be a game changer.

The ESEE 6P Fixed Blade Knife is good overall and you will get a good grip. The knife comes in different colors and you can choose as per your preferences. This also has a sharp blade good for survival cuts, for example, cutting, batoning, slicing, piercing and so. This knife has kind of become one of my favorites though.

Pros and Cons

The necessary pros and cons are given below which might help you a possibility or scope in order to justify the product based on your requirements.


  • it is a full tang knife.
  • This knife also has great little thumb ramp that clicks into places.
  • ESEE 6 Knife is a survival cut worked by and for genuine individuals who have beta tested the blade in genuine circumstances.
  • Micarta handle.
  • This knife will also provide you with paracord lashings, good paracord lanyard for your leg so you can use with it all sorts of different ways, for example, putting blade tech locks on it.


  • Not suitable for Nordic environments.
  • The sharp edge of ESEE 6 isn’t specific bushcraft cut.
  • The sheath of this Knife is not Kydex, rather this is a molded plastic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does this have a fire striker?
A: No, this does not have a fire striker.
Q: What about the sheath? Is it Kydex sheath?
A: This is Molded Polymer sheath.
Q: How is the handle?
A: This has canvas Micarta Handle.
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