Fallkniven F1 Review

It’s been a while since I am using this amazing piece Fallkniven F1 knife. You see, the problem arises when you are really into the kinds of stuff like adventure, surviving acts and also camping, you just don’t compromise with your belongings for example knives. You always want the best.

Back in 2016 in the middle of January my friend Joseph and I took a little time off from our hectic daily life and went on hiking. Along with the other kinds of stuff I was carrying ESEE 6 Fixed Blade Knife and my friend has his favorite one ‘Fallkniven F1 knife’.

First off, I didn’t notice the knife but at the time of camping, I saw my friend doing some pretty amazing things with the knife and just at that moment, I decided that as soon as I come home I surely am going to buy this one! After all, this is about a knife and I have keen interest regarding blade.

Without further ado, I came back ordered this cool knife. However, I believe in researches before buying any stuff online. Because you never know which surprise will have you real bad.

During my research, I noticed that this is a very much popular knife. Now you may ask if it was this much popular then why wasn’t I aware of this? Then let me tell you that I didn’t have much knowledge regarding knife back then.  Now let’s take a look at the knife, here comes the Fallkniven F1 Review.

The Exclusive Features of Fallkniven F1 knife

In the year of 1995, the Swedish Pilot Survival Knife F1 was presented as the Swedish Armed Force’s legitimate survival cut. The blade is a piece of the flying corps venture JAS 39 Gripen and in August 1995 the organization Fallkniven AB conveyed the principal cluster of F1 blades to the Swedish Forces. The family organization Fallkniven has been selling forth blades to their customers since 1984.

The prominence of this blade knows no bound. Moreover, you can consider it a persistent blade without any further contention. In spite of, the prominence in the field of a wide range of survival charming or cuts the blade had been recreated and stunning sold in excess of 100,000 pieces.

The knife was essentially copies of the major heartbreakingly affecting a housing industry of fakes and copycats, Obviously being an on a very basic level certain military issue cut partners, yet all around, the F1 has a reputation that is respected.

The F1 is all capacity and no glimmer. To the unconscious, such a straightforward outline may look rather dull and uninteresting, yet spending a lot of time on hands with a cutting edge in your grasp and the sheer utilitarian nature of this sort of blade will before long be valued.

In short, the initial impression may result negatively, however, through time and with a usage deal this knife can be added to your favorite knife list.

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The Materials of The blade

Let me give you some specs on the Fallkniven F1 Survival knife. This knife has a VG steel blade and I think it is very nice as it holds a good edge and also can take a good edge. It is made in Japan. It has a convex grind and we will talk about it a bit.

The knife is overall 8.3 inches with a blade length of 3.9 inches. The blade thickness is 0.18 inches and weighs 5.3 ounces. The hardness of the Fallkniven F1 is 59 HRC. The knife has full tang construction.

Although if you ask me to rate this blade, then I will say the quality of this knife is basically 5 out of . in addition, the convex grind of this knife is pretty phenomenal. The steel is not very heavy, basically, it is a light steel.

I personally like the convex grind and I would say that the blade portion of this knife is really mind-blowing and honestly, this will not be my last convex grind. I am only going to get more interested in convex grind blades because of the performance I had seen during my adventure.


To be exact, you might be baffled the first time you see the knife as you might find this not too suitable for woodwork, slicing or maybe chopping. Moreover, you may doubt its capability as a survival knife and be thinking something like this is so obvious as the looks of this knife is unlike any survival cut. But trust me, looks can be befuddling.

This Fallkniven F1 Survival knife will wow you with its amazing degree or flexible edge which can be used to cut, moreover, you may also use this for bushcrafting, making feather sticks, cutting, chopping, slicing but maybe a little batoning kind of work.

Although this knife is really good for carving. I tried to break bones with this knife. In short, Fallkniven F1is suitable for bones hammering, cracking rocks and that kind of kinds of stuff.

What makes this knife so exceptional is that it was made for pilots of the Swedish Air Force since 1995. Therefore, the makers had to keep in mind many things regarding survival acts.


The knife has good solid grip, it really holds your hand well. if you look closely you will notice that there is a small little jimping or bumps on the handle which helps your hand stuck on the handle.

The handle will provide you with a nice grip. The knife has a medium handle which will even fit your hand and the hold is magical. You will feel comfortable holding it and doing works like batoning, slicing, chopping and more.

I basically don’t like smooth handles but this knife is not, therefore, it is easy for me to hold it. To be exact, my hands get sweaty easily and therefore, I prefer these kinds of handles like Fallkniven F1 knife. Moreover, this is kind of knife for which my money won’t be wasted and this knife surely is not a lost cause.


The F1 is open in two or three sheath systems obviously from the maker. Mine continued running with a well-made one in diminishing leather, with a wrinkle that came over the edge in a way to an amazing degree like many GI issue gun holsters. This system completes a fine work of grapples, the front line from unconstrained hardship, yet was to some degree more prohibitive than I incline toward.

For a substitution, I continued running with a reduction leather case from the fine people at JRE Industries. This model is moreover of my favored pocket plot, in any case with no overlay. This sheath fits the sharp edge like a glove and makes for a to a phenomenal degree secure fit.

It has a standard 2″ midriff band on the back with another little float on top that makes it enough flexible for obliging it to a carabineer or fundamentally vague holder for a system for a pass on regular to different Puukko-style cut clients.

This sheath in like way had the extra ideal position of an empty dash on each end for a leg tie or other conceivable cooperation, what’s more, a united float for a standard overviewed ferrocerium bar.

The one that I bear on it has seen overwhelming use, yet still fits easily into the opening. I made one further sensible stroll of including a little decrease adaptable bungee string from its handle to coast around the opposite side to go about as a really beguiling security.

Handle and Ergonomics

The handle is kind of feels like plastic because it is. The plastic called Thermorun which is basically a lightweight thermoplastic. It is an olefin thermoplastic material which is amazingly strong and has extraordinary patrimony for a survival cut hold.

If you hold the handle properly you would notice that it has an amazing handle. the handle is comfortable nice and plain. To be honest, I like the simplicity, I don’t like knives that force me to hold in a certain way with finger grooves and toils and things not generally anyway a list of them just right.

I, however, don’t use the lanyard hole but I guess if you are into leg yards then the will probably function just fine. Although I am saying it from experience. I particularly didn’t use lanyard hole rather I tried to see if it works or not and it does really good.

The lanyard hole a tad far away from the base of the knife and if you notice you would see it getting kind of wasted lanyard space just there. The finger grip is well made. The base of the knife there is a tag that extends through and of course you can use that for hammering purposes or as a glass breaker.

Overall Review of The Fallkniven F1 Knife

I think this knife is really cool. You can add this knife to your favorite list and also count it as one of the best knives. I personally like this because it is simple, small but does its job.

When I first saw the knife I wasn’t really that impressed I thought maybe some typical kitchen knife. But later, when I saw my friend working with it and it changed my mind.

Another reason for me liking this knife is, it has jimping on this handle and this plastic handle is really good and helpful for sweaty hands like me which means it lets me get a good grip.

The basic policy for any knife is you ought to know the right way to hold it. A proper good hold on a particular knife will help you get your job done.

Lastly, I suggest if you want to work well you can take this Fallkniven F1knife to consideration for your next adventure.

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons are given below for your better understanding.


  • This knife has a VG steel blade.
  • The handle is made of Thermorun which is basically a lightweight thermoplastic.
  • The hardness of the Fallkniven F1 is 59 HRC.
  • This knife also has a full tang construction.
  • The small little jimping or bumps on the handle helps your hand stuck on the handle.
  • It has a convex grind.


  • The handle is a bit small and somehow unsuitable for people with big hands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is it a USA made knife?
A: No, it is made in Japan.

Q: What is the blade length?
A: YThe knife is overall 8.3 inches with a blade length of 3.9 inches.
Q: What is the material of the handle?
A: The handle is made of Thermorun plastic which is basically a lightweight thermoplastic. It is an olefin thermoplastic material which is amazingly strong and has extraordinary patrimony for a survival cut hold.
Q: How sharp the blade is?
A: This Fallkniven F1 Survival knife will wow you with its amazing degree or flexible edge which can be used to cut, moreover, you may also use this for bushcrafting, making feather sticks, cutting, chopping, slicing but maybe a little batoning kind of work.
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