In life, you can unexpectedly find yourself in a survival situation. When such a situation unfolds, it is very important to be properly equipped with the right tools. One of the best survival tools is a survival knife. In this Gerber Prodigy vs StrongArm review, we take a closer look at the two top knives to help you answer the main question: “Which is the better option Between Gerber Prodigy vs StrongArm ?”

Gerber Prodigy vs StrongArm Comparison

Size and Weight

When you set off to select a combat knife, it is important to ensure that it is light enough not to add a lot of load when carrying or using it for defense. This is why Gerber has invested heavily in research to ensure that its combat and survival knives are light and compact.

The Gerber StrongArm knife is 9.8 inches long and weighs only 7.2 oz. This makes it compact enough to fit in your pocket or belt. It is also light enough to use with one hand.
If you prefer a shorter knife, the Garber Prodigy would be a better option. The overall length of the knife is 9.75 inches. However, it is heavier than StrongArm because it weighs 7.05 oz.

Design and Handle

One of the most crucial components of a survival knife’s architecture is its design. In this Prodigy vs StrongArm review, we established that both knives are uniquely designed to make it easy to carry, draw, and use.

Garber Prodigy is designed with a textured over-molded soft grip that guarantees a secure grip when using it to slash an object. Besides, it features two more attachments and leg straps for extra firmness and security of the knife.

In the case of StrongArm, the design is based on the fundamentals of military survival training. It has a diamond-texture rubberized handle that guarantees you a firm grip. You will find it very effective even in wet conditions.

Blade Design

When you are faced with a tough choice like StrongArm vs Prodigy, it is prudent to check the blade more carefully. The two knives have blades designed to deliver top-notch efficiency.

In the case of Gerber StrongArm, the blade features a full tang 420HC steel blade with ceramic coating. It is crafted for brute strength especially when doing rough tasks. But this is not all. The knife also features a striking pommel at the end of the handle to help you break through hard surfaces in combat, survival or everyday situations.

As the StrongArm knife, we found the Prodigy survival knife’s blade equally spectacular. It features a fine edge and full tang 420HC stainless steel blade with black oxide finish.
In both knives, the blades have a drop point style. This implies they are thicker across the spine and slim towards the tip. The unique design means they are stronger and can hold their edges well.

Lock and Deployment

If you are caught up in a survival situation, you need a knife that can deploy very fast. In this Gerber prodigy vs StrongArm review, we established that the knives have fixed blades and separate sheaths. The sheaths are compatible with MOLLE.

This is very important if you are looking for a knife to use in combat situations. The knives also feature nylon ballistic belt loops with straps. Besides, they have release thumb locks that help to secure and make deployment fast.


To get more from a knife, you should select the most comfortable option. When we talk about comfort, it means the comfort of carrying and using the tool.

Because Gerber Prodigy is shorter and lighter than StrongArm, you can easily tuck it in your boots, belt, or MOLLE.

Though the StrongArm is slightly longer, it is equally comfortable to carry around and use. It can easily fit in a MOLLE or vertically attached in your belt. Remember that you should always carry the knife in the position that it can be deployed at lightning speed to defend yourself. In addition to the compact designs, both Gerber Prodigy and StrongArm have the following features that greatly enhance their comfort:

  • Each knife features Leg straps for securing on the leg.
  • In the case of Gerber Strong, the sheath is designed to also allow horizontal mounting on a belt. This is very helpful if you want to keep the knife concealed.
  • The compact and fixed blades make the knives very firm. For example, you can hold and use the knives with confidence knowing that there is no risk of unexpected deployment as it happens at times with foldable knives.
  • Notably, both knives have their weights concentrated on the back edge of the blade and towards the handle. This makes it is easy to grab and slash the target with optimum force.

Gerber Prodigy vs StrongArm Comparison

Key Features of Gerber Prodigy

Gerber-Prodigy – Design Update –

Overall Length 9.75 inches
Blade Length 4.75 inches

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Key Features of Gerber StrongArm


– Design Update –

Blade Length – 4.8 inches
Overall Length- 9.8 inches
Weight- 7.2 oz
Blade Material – 420HC / BDZ-1

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This Gerber Prodigy vs StrongArm comparison revealed that both knives are designed with a lot of focus on quality. Gerber consolidated its experience in designing top-notch tools to ensure that Prodigy and StrongArm are among the best knives out there. Though we found both knives to be at par in features, design, and performance, Prodigy has a slight advantage because it is shorter and lighter.

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