Gerber StrongArm Review

What made me so enthusiastic about the adventure is the most popular British adventurer and television presenter ‘Bear Grylls’. He is best known for his television series Man vs. Wild. I am basically inspired and mesmerized by his ravishing surviving skills and informative risk-taking gestures.

The idea of being on an adventure gives me chills as it is all about surprises and unknown risks. The other day I was reading an article on Bear Grylls and his surviving skills. In that particular article, he mentioned while he is on an adventure the only thing that he takes with himself is a surviving knife.

I, therefore, without making any further delay started researching on surviving knives as I have been planning for an adventure myself. One of the best knives that I encountered is Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife.

Gerber has been manufacturing survival knives for the United States of America Military since 1968. The StrongArm mounted Blade carries on our bequest of tough-as-hell fastened blade knives for combat and survival applications. With a sheath that may be mounted in an exceeding form of ways in which, this knife offers reliable use whether or not on-duty or off.

If you are planning for such a delight like an adventure I bet this review is really going to help you decide why you should buy this knife.

Let’s take you on an adventure with a survival Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Survival Knife.

Exclusive Features of Gerber StrongArm Knife


One of the impressive parts of this knife is the very sheath. The specific detail and phenomenal design made it undoubtedly more beautiful. You might even fall in love with it before even opening it. The sheath is phenomenal with lots of lashing points. This quality is totally mind-blowing.

It is designed to be flexible to the users. common knives usually have lots of sheath choices, however, with Gerber you are obtaining all of them with the particular knife.

Carrying Facilities

The Gerber knife includes a Peruvian mastic tree which is the MOLLE mount, a drop leg system, and a belt loop choice for horizontal carry. At some point you might think that this knife is just too huge for any reasonably horizontal hid carry, however, it’s extremely nice for a snag-free carry whereas carrying armor. Once you draw from a regular belt carry sheath whereas wearing armor you are seemingly to induce snagged on your gear in a technique of the other. In addition, if you draw the belt horizontally it will prevent it.

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Sheath locking system

The Sheath employs each passive and active retention reckoning on the mount getting used. There is an active retention which may be a simple snap button thong. Whereas the passive retention comes from an indent inside the middle of the handle. The sheath locks into this indent and holds the knife well.

The whole sheath locking system is very easy and thoughtful. Point to be noted that this is a purpose of this knife is survival.

Blade’s Body

The Gerber StrongArm has 4.8 inches mounted blade made of 420 HC stainless steel and is 9.8 inches overall. This blade weighs 7.2 ounces and that is 204 gram. However, the overall weight of this incredible surviving knife is 10.9 ounce which is 309 gram. In terms of fastened blades, it is actually somewhat tiny. Nevertheless, this knife will fit your hand perfectly.

In addition, the Gerber StrongArm is a 0.5 inch shorter than the LMF II infantry, however, has associate nearly identical blade length. The good thing about the knife is you can carry it vertically and horizontally.


This survival knife has a great solid fixed blade manufactured by Gerber. The StrongArm comes with choices for each a notched or plain edge. However, according to my preferences, I like the plain edge as because it gives your knife a nice texture. The blade is coated with a cerakote black matte finish. in addition, the finish is nicely done.

You might be in the middle of a dilemma thinking whether to buy this knife or not. Then let me tell you this why this knife will be an essential companion through your entire adventure as a survival component. In order to explain this, you have to have to justify the strength that this knife is ready to provide.


As it has been said that The Gerber StrongArm fixed blade knife is a survival knife, therefore, think for a while, what would you do if you are on a mission of survival? For example, you are lost in a forest and the only companion you have in your Gerber StrongArm fixed blade knife.

You might have to cut some tree branches to make fire, might have to deskinned a rabbit or any possible animal for food purposes. There your knife has been to extra sharp so that you can cut things easily.

If you are convinced with all the point that has been made above then read through down below to make a choice.

This extraordinary Gerber SrtongArm Fixed Blade knife can be used for many cases, for example, bushcraft tasks or cutting open a 55-gallon oil drum, digging a hole for a fire. I, however, believe an adventurer who is familiar with survival skills will never be disappointed after buying this.

Handle and Ergonomics

One of the important features that this knife contains is its handle with an amazing and convincing edge. The knife would be useless if you can’t hold it properly. The holding needs a good grip through which you would be able to cut necessary items for survival purpose in an adventure.

The design of the handle on the Gerber StrongArm is interesting. Even if you have a large hand, you will still find the grip comfortable.

The Gerber StrongArm is glass crammed nylon which is lined with a rubber over mold. This makes the grip ‘soft’ within the hand. compressing it tight doesn’t lead to abundant fatigue or pain.

The rubber over-molded material is coated with a raised diamond rough-textured pattern. This glues the knife to your hand and is ideal for cold, wet, or gauntleted hands. The pattern is rough, however, doesn’t rub the hand raw, or perhaps very produce hotspots. the bottom of the handle is a small pommel.

Gerber StrongArm Overall Review

As a customer and of course a Bear Grylls’s fan I would totally buy this after noticing its fascinating features. This Gerber StrongArm fixed blade knife could be a cherry on the top with your exciting survival skills.

This knife contains an amazing handle with rubber as a coat which will give you a comfortable grip. Also, its sharp blade can cut through anything as it has been mentioned above. It also comfortably fits your hand. In short, this is kind of knife you will never regret buying with your sole-earned money.


  • The Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Fine Edge Black Knife has an amazing sheath system.
  • The Gerber knife is glass crammed nylon which is lined with a rubber over mold.
  • The rubber over-molded material is coated with a raised diamond rough-textured pattern.
  • This knife is highly suitable for survival purposes.
  • The plain edge has given the knife a nice texture.
  • The sheath locks into the indent and holds the blade well to make a decent grasp.


  • The tight grip on the knife might leave some molded marks on the hand. However, it won’t be painful.
  • If at a point it loses its sharpness it might need to sharpen again with necessary tools.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Will this knife get rusty?
A: Yes, it might get. Therefore you can clean the rust with water and Clean magic eraser.
Q: What is the overall shipping weight?
A: The knife alone weighs 9.8 inches overall. The shipping weight adds up to 12 ounces.
Q: What is the still is made of?
A: It is made of 420 HC stainless Steel.
Q: Is it a Chinese Steel?
A: No, it is purely made of American Steel.

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