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While it might seem cool to leave the house and venture into the unknown with just your gun or bow, the reality is far from it. What do you carry when going out on a hunt? No, rifle and shells aren’t the only things. However, there are many who forget to carry some important items which can be the difference between a successful hunt and go home empty-handed.

Here are our top 9 (and a bonus!) survival items in our hunting checklist that no hunter should be without 

1. Hunting License, Paperwork, And Tags

First and foremost item(s) in our hunting checklist are your relevant papers and permissions. You need to make sure you’re not hunting illegally. That deer you caught can easily be taken away if you don’t have the license. Other reasons include public safety, reducing the risk of contamination from airborne diseases, and the regulation of conservation of wild animals.

2. Binoculars

When out scouting for games, this hunting gear is your best friend. Games that are big hunting involves a lot of walking, sitting and watching. This will come in handy when you survey an area or scout a target. Invest in a pair of the best compact binoculars so that they don’t weigh down on you.

3. Rubber gloves

During a hunt, you might have to field dress your kill. The gloves will keep you safe from any harmful bacteria and diseases that might have infested the animal you just killed. In addition to this, a good pair of gloves can help keep you warm during the cold season. It is almost impossible to take an accurate shot when your hands are freezing. Rubber gloves keep your hands insulated against the cold.

4. A knife

The knife is a top essential item in anyone’s hunting checklist. A strong and sharp blade will come in handy when you need to field dress your kill. The knife can also be used to cut and slice your way through the forest. While a big knife might seem ideal, it is not always advisable to carry a big knife. Therefore, it is advisable to have a small lightweight knife in your backpack. If you’re confused about which knife to get (and there are many brands out there!) click here and choose your pick.

Similarly, you can also carry a multipurpose knife. Multiple blades, including a saw, a utility blade, and a boning blade come in most multipurpose knives. Needless to say, there are a tremendous amount of applications for a good knife, but the primary function would be to use for skinning and meat processing

5. Paracord

A paracord (short for parachute cord) is a light nylon kernmantle rope originally used in the suspension lines of parachutes. It can be used for a wide range of tricks for survival. It is a great help when you want to build a makeshift blind or shelter. Most importantly, it can tie up your kill securely when loading it up. It is sometimes referred to as 550-cord since it can carry a capacity of 550 pounds. It is a must-have in your hunting checklist.

6. First aid kit

The first aid kit should be a vital item in anyone’s hunting checklist. It can make all the difference in an emergency situation. A first aid kit will come packed with all the essential medical equipment you need to perform first aid. The great outdoors can be unpredictable and you never know what you will encounter. With a first aid kit in your backpack, you will be prepared for any casualties. Also, if you are hunting a group having a first aid kit can help in the event one of you gets injured. As with all the other essentials on this list, it is important to pack a small kit. 

7. Whistle & Glass Mirror

A whistle and a glass mirror are additional items in our hunting gear checklist. These do not necessarily fall into the list of must-haves. However, they are handy tools when you actually need to use them. Confused about how to use them? Both a whistle and a glass mirror can be used as a signal for help. A whistle can help keep away any animal that might approach you and the sound will scare them off. The mirror can reflect light into their eyes as well and ward them off. The mirror is also for you check yourself for injuries.

8. Firestarter

Disposable lighters and matches are crucially important to hunters. With these you can build a fire for light, to cook and obviously melt ice or snow. During those cold stakeouts, it will give you comfort and warmth. While it might seem handy to carry disposable lighters, you still need to keep backup matches. Preferably those that are stored in waterproof containers. This is because disposable lighters might not work in higher elevations.

9. Rain Gear

Though not a traditional item in any hunting gear checklist, a set of rain gear comes in handy. If it’s compact and lightweight, then that’s even more reason to carry one. Even if the weather forecast says it’s going to be sunny, the mountains are known for fairly unpredictable weather. Rain gear handy acts as a barrier from wind and also serve to warm you up. 

Bonus! 10. Sewing Kit

Sounds insignificant, right? Though it may not be an important item to include to a hunting checklist, a needle and thread can really come in handy. In the rough outdoors, tearing your pants and shirts will be a common occurance. To avoid further injuries, you can just sew it up!

There are two mandatory items that you should prioritize when going out hunting: water and snacks. Can’t go hunting on an empty stomach. Carrying a heavy backpack when out hunting might not be good for you, especially when you have hours of hiking and elevated terrains to get through. Therefore, try and make your hunting day backpack as light as possible. This way you will be able to move easily without straining or stopping to rest every other minute.

While you might think it takes all the fun out of hunting to have to check off a long list before you head out, the reality is you’ll only need to set up your hunting essentials kit once and give it a quick check over before each outing. Be prepared for anything, as the smallest issue can have a huge impact on your hunting excursion. Once you know you’re covered for medical emergencies, all weather, and comfort and protection, you can relax and truly enjoy the reason you are out in the wilderness to start with.

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