Ka-Bar Becker BK7 review

I often face questions from friend and family, “why do you invest such amount of money on knives?” Well honestly, I don’t blame them and also don’t expect them to understand and they will never do. The love and passion that I hold for knives is kind of unmeasurable.

Along with times, as I grew older I enlightened myself with basic knowledge of a knife, for example, its sharpness, what is HRC hardness, sheath, blade capacity, handles. However, besides the basics, I also got to know which knife is better than the other? What makes the other one different? Which one is useful for everyday carry (EDC) or survival purpose and also some surviving related tips.

Just a few months back I ordered a knife out of curiosity as I needed for my recently ended trip. It was an out of the blue decision or maybe you can say risked but the good part of the deal was the price. It was under $100. I dived in the ocean of uncertainty as I took the knife for my adventure trip.

Well, I am talking about this sharp combat knife manufactured by Ka-Bar named Ka-Bar Becker BK7 Combat Utility Knife. You may ask why combat knife? It is because I have A keen interest in combat knives.

However, for your better understanding let me help you with the review of this fascinating knife.

The Exclusive Features of The Ka-Bar Becker BK7 Combat Utility Knife

This knife is made by Ethan Becker and manufactured by Ka-Bar.

The Ka-bar Becker BK7 is truly outstanding for all trade of survival cuts on account of its size and weight which makes it a better than average focus ground between passing on a cutting edge and an ax. I have been looking over various researches about on various types of sharp edges with a specific end goal to quantify this Ka-Bar BKR7 Combat Utility Knife to be straightforward most.

I am by one means or another overwhelmingly positive that the cutting edge I have purchased unexpectedly is unquestionably not a lost case. Which it by one means or another demonstrates all through the methods for my enterprise.

This edge is to an incredible degree sharp and works extremely well, for instance in the time when I expected to cut woods, or for batoning and obviously for quill cutting this blade demonstrated its sharpness. Despite the fact that the best part is, you will discover a solace with this blade, when you get a decent hold.

In addition, on the off chance that you are wowed by alternate audits for instance Ontario 499 Air Force Survival Knife or Smith and Wesson SW3B Survival and every day Carry knife or possibly Benchmade 162 Bushcrafter knife, at that point you definitely need to see, what this blade has to offer to its customer! Here’s the review of  one of the best quality survival knifes, suitable for hunting and of course adventure related stuffs the Ka-Bar BKR7 Combat Utility Knife.

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The Materials of The Blade

To Start things off, how about we begin with the specialized specs! The sharp edge length of this USA influenced Ka-bar Becker BK7  is 7 inches and it is made out of 1095 cro-van HC steel with a dark epoxy powder covering. The sharp edge thickness of the knife is 3/16. The overall size of this cl survival knife is 12.75 inches and weighs 12.9 ounces with a HRC hardness (Rockwell Scale of Hardness) of 56/58. In addition, at a cost point this way, you can think about this blade as gold.

This blade has a clip point with an unsharpened swedge and it likewise has an extremely pleasant high-level saber granulate pound incline with some jimping on it and it will give you a good hold or course. It doesn’t intrude with any standard handle or use of the sharp edge, yet it gives a relentless, pleasant spot to stop your thumb which in like manner shows up to allow some extra use in the midst of dull cutting. The laser carved marking on the cutting edge looks stunning.


This blade is best for wood works for instance, batoning, cutting, quill sticks and furthermore to slice and stabbing. Surely that the liberal hurl, long edge, amazing evening out, and sharp puncturing tip will make this cutting edge outstandingly capable as a defensive weapon if the need arises. The thumb slant on the bleeding edge is without a doubt fitting.

I recall the time when this blade ended up being a decent pal amid the experience I took or you may say an adventure or survival act. I attempted to cleave a huge hard dried out bit of pine wood and it went extremely well.

What’s more is, this blade likewise made great points on the off chance that you attempt and get a decent hold. Is it as of now has been expressed that this blade won’t come up short you in the event that you know how to hold it. I great really great chomp in there when I was slashing the wood.

In the event that you need a phenomenal all-around cut for wild survival, climbing, and outdoors, the adventure can’t turn out badly with this one. Highly suggested!


Moreover, there may be a straightforward downside regarding this blade. In addition, various front lines have jimping on the spine that gives you pleasant, unobtrusive and updated hold. In spite of the fact that when cutting into anything that offers deterrent, notwithstanding all that you have to settle your grip and apply recognizable weight with the thumb that some way or another depletes the palm muscles.

The knife has chrome and vanadium carbide added into it to give it extra strength and make it easy to sharpen in field and hold a good edge on there and reduce the wear.

You will get a comfortable and confident grip on this knife. The little palm swell and the contour on the knife makes the handle very comfortable to hold.

However, the untextured Grivory slabs are very smooth but the large hand stops will keep your hand from slipping up onto the blade or off the back of the handle.

I am basically using this incredible blade now for almost a couple of months and I’ve beaten on it harder than pretty much any instrument I’ve ever had! It just continues onward, and going!

Sheath System

The sheath is made out of a heavy duty nylon material. If you take a close look you’ll be able to see the double stitching that travels all the way around the sheath. In addition, there are a few good mounting options for it which includes, a Velcro belt loop.

This loop belt allows you to place the sheath on or off a belt rather quickly. Although, you can still feed a belt through the loop traditionally. There is quite a few loops on the sheath and another one at the base. Therefore, you can easily put a split ring or a D ring through any one of those for clipping or attachments.

The Velcro is also reinforced with a button and also there’s a couple eyelets on the sheath and a couple more at the base of the sheath for lashing purposes. However, you can also use the eyelets on the bottom as a leg strap. The sheath of the Ka-Bar BK7 knife is MOLLE compatible. 

You can also notice a fairly generous pouch on the front. And you can use it for different purposes like tools, for example keeping your sharpening stone. Furthermore, there is also a secondary sheath behind the pouch. The sheath also has button snap handle retention with Velcro retainers which keeps the knife out of the way of getting damaged.

Handle and Ergonomics

The handle of this Ka-Bar Becker BK7 Combat Utility Knife is basically a nice choice for the survivalists and adventure enthusiasts. This USA made knife’s handle has amazing Grivory as I have been mentioned earlier.

The handle of this good survival blade is produced using “Grivory” which seems, by all accounts, to be a high-thickness plastic or nylon. It’s extremely smooth in surface, so the hold is more tricky than I would typically wish for on a blade with particularly at this size and sharpness.

In addition, it has been noticed by different analysts, that the tricky hold can be helped by scraping/carving them with sandpaper or wrapping them with grasp tape. In any case, in spite of this kind of risky surface, the shape and form of the handle fit my hand so splendidly that any firm hold just won’t slip.

Although, the handle has ranger band and paracord to help improve the grip. You can get a comfortable grip on the rear hand stop hacking, chopping.

Overall review of the Ka-Bar Becker BK7 Combat Utility Knife

By this time, I guess you gave gotten a pretty good impression about this knife I believe. However you want to go for the final verdict then I won’t fail you.

For starter, I like the knife during my adventure trip as I said earlier that I bought it out of the blue. Well,  I basically am doing this review after my adventure, therefore I am carrying a pretty good knowledge here. The concept is more like, the service is beyond the expectation in a pretty good price range. The deadly beast is sharp and smooth.

Although, if your hands are sweaty you might want to think about it or maybe use something scratchy on the handle which will help you keeping your hands off from any accidents. Once you are comfortable with the solid grip, then your knife is a go.

The sheath system is awesome. This high quality nylon sheath and the button snap handle retention is a great help. You may also use additional accessories with the knife in the sheath, for example, sharpening stone or maybe a fire striker.

The sharpness of this fixed bladed knife is good. As I was able to get a good hold I was able to do batoning, made some feather sticks, chopped wood also did some slicing work.

However, a necessary fact that might occur which is rust on the blade. I, however, think that the knife might get rusty if you don’t wash it and therefore, this needs to be cleaned after every use. As I have keen interests regarding knives therefore, I always keeps my knives clean.

Finally, I think, this knife might add a value to your knife collection. And you surely should buy it. Hope my review helped. Although, it is very much possible that your opinion may differ with mine and this is quite normal. Therefore, you don’t have to buy it. Moreover, buy this knife only when you are convinced.

Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons of one of the top rated best quality survival knives that may help you with the possibilities and you may even end up buying this best quality survival knife.


  • This blade has a clip point with an unsharpened swedge.
  • This blade is best for wood works for instance, batoning, cutting, quill sticks and furthermore to slice and stabbing.
  • The knife is made out of 1095 cro-van HC steel with a dark epoxy powder covering.
  • This loop belt allows you to place the sheath on or off a belt rather quickly.
  • The sheath of the Ka-Bar BKR7- BRK knife is MOLLE compatible.
  • the untextured Grivory slabs are very smooth but the large hand stops will keep your hand from slipping up onto the blade or off the back of the handle.


  • The blade might get rusty but cleaning it after every use can keep it from getting rusty.
  • Hands may slip due to the smooth textured handle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: This this knife is fully USA made?
A: Yes, this knife is made in USA.
Q: What about the thickness?
A: The sharp edge thickness of the knife is 3/16 with a hardness of HRC 56/58.
Q: Will the knife get rusty?
A: If there is even any possibility then you can still keep away it from getting rusty if you oil your knife after every use.

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