The other day, I was wondering, I have been spending a lot of money past few years for the purpose of buying a knife. I have been making list and also counting the money that I spent! Ohh Boy! Such money much wow, kind of explains everything of me being broke! Haha!

I somehow got over the sadness. Not to mention that in order to cheer myself up I basically ended up ordering a knife in exchange for my sadness. I know! Such a strange world!

If you’ve been following my reviews then hopefully you know that I am a knife collector, also an adventurer or should in say an enthusiast? So, this year I bought a knife for the last time.

Although, to be honest, I bought this EDC knife just out of curiosity and of course habit too. Not to mention, I felt this knife is quite a piece of work.

If you ask me, after using the knife, I believe this it will leave you speechless. Well, it surely changed my mind though. So, let’s see what this review is about!

Exclusive Features of Kershaw Chill 3410 knife

* Pretty decent steel.
* 8CR13 MOV .
* Light weighted.
* Nice gray finish.
* Pointy tip.

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Materials of the blade

As per the Kershaw website, this knife has been described as a gentleman’s knife. This fine knife is basically super light weighted and apart from that, it is on my new favorite list. It weighs 2 ounces only. It is super affordable, to be honest.

The overall length of this knife is 7.125 inch which is 7.94 mm, with a blade of 3.125 inches. In addition, the blade thickness is .34 inches. However, unlike Zero Tolerance 0350 knife this knife is easy to handle.

Now, it’s the time to crack a lame joke, you can literally chill with this chill! On a different note, you wouldn’t even acknowledge that you are carrying something,

If you ask me, I would say it is almost a perfect everyday carry (EDC) knife, more like everything you need. In addition, it is super less than 50 dollars.


To be honest, before buying this knife I thought, it would be like usual knives, which emphasizes the heavy weighted fact. But when I hold it, it felt like whaaat? What is this now? Am I even holding something?

Let me enlighten you about Chill’s sharpness capacity. So, the Kershaw claims on the website in the description that it comes razor sharp right out of the box. Although the knife is quite sharp too, comparatively the serrations are better.

Even though you might have to hit it off a little in the cutting process, but the serrations are pretty interesting. I tried it on a paper in order to test its sharpness. These are very sharp apparently which easily slices.

I like this Kershaw for all EDC tries, including easy kitchen works, for instance, cutting sausages, vegetables or maybe bacon, making sandwiches, be that as it may, it won’t get any additional focuses for disintegrating slicer, but can be used for self-defense.


As I have already mentioned that this knife is light weighted, therefore, you can get comfortable with light tasking work only.

Let me be clear here if you are expecting it as a bushcrafting, batoning or maybe a knife with which you can make feather sticks then you might want to hold there. It is because this knife is not required for heavy works.

I bought this knife out of the blue, therefore I was basically worried a bit about its performance. However, during my survival task, this everyday carry (EDC) knife became a great help with which I maintained some kitchen works.

The design is really good, very solid and pretty much flawless also, the knife has a very pointy tip. Moreover, this knife would be a great choice for self-defense incidents.

Handle and Ergonomics

As far as the handling is concerned I have nothing bad to say about this. It’s because of the generous finger choil gives you quite a nice grip on it. The shape of the handle is not overly fancy, but it does a job.

Referring to the fact that it is ergonomic enough and has a very slight swell on the back. In addition, a slight curvature towards the end. Basically, if you ask me then I’ll say, it does everything you need to get a nice,  positive and comfortable grip on it.

it has no jimping knife anywhere. I must say, it kind of bothers me a   little though, as my hands are often so sweaty and slippery. Moreover, my hands get slippery and jimping helps my hands to stick to the knife.

Clip and Lock System

I said ‘almost perfect’, on the grounds that as per me, on the off chance that it had a pound stud instead of a flipper it would be super cool.

This Kershaw cut has a G10 handle and a liner bolt. A few people really incline toward sort recently bolt up. Also, the late bolt up is the point at which the liner is all the more like one side.

In any case, in the event that you ask me, I’ll say I favor prior bolt up which is on the grounds that it is simpler to withdraw the bolt. Moreover, you should need to check before getting it as it accompanies both bolt framework. This China made Kershaw blade and furthermore can flip it with no stiffness.

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Overall Review of The Kershaw Chill 3410 knife

I personally liked this knife, to be honest. It was a great companion for my survival trip. Not only that I prefer this light weighted knife to be a great deal for everyday carry (EDC) purpose. Just so you know, this knife costs really less, mostly under $50.

The fine grip will provide you a good and solid grip, although jimping would have been really good for me my hand gets sweaty so easily. If you want to buy this knife then you might want to check the lock systems.

Overall, this knife is easy to handle with amazing flip and lock system. However, the clip is super tight which is equally a good thing and a bit problematic to regarding clipping it to your clothe.

Pros and Cons

The necessary pros and cons are given below which might help you a possibility or scope in order to justify the product based on your requirements. These are given below.


  • Light weighted
  • Provides solid grip.
  • Suitable for self-defense, light kitchen work.
  • Liner lock system
  • Easy to handle
  • less than $50.


  • Stiff belt clip

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is this a USA made knife?
A: No, this is made in China.
Q: How do I open this knife as there is no thumb stud?
A: It has a flipper on the posterior of the cutting edge behind the spin. Basically flip it down with your forefinger to open the blade. Works superb!
Q: Is there any jimping on the handle?
A: Actually no, but the G10 handle is quiet solid and will provide you a strong grip.

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