While shopping for knives, Kershaw is a popular name that you might come across. This American manufacturer has managed to acquire a great deal of popularity in the cutlery industry in recent years and has a reputation for quality products.

One of its in-demand product series is the Leek. If you are looking for a knife to include in your EDC (every day carry) stuff, it could be one of the best options for you. Among those, the Kershaw Leek Pocket Knife (1660) 3-inch is quite popular.

The exclusive features of Kershaw Leek Pocket Knife


it has a total of 7 inches in length, of which the blade is 3 inches long. You can easily compare that to the length of a regular pencil. In summary, its dimensions are 7 x 1 x 1. The knife is of 4 inches when closed and weighs 3 ounces to be more specific. So it is a good fit for any grip to handle and can fit quite well in any pocket or purse.


Now let’s come to the design. The Leek 1660 is neat and sleek with an easy operation system. Its revolutionary SpeedSafe system enables the knife to open smoothly without any hindrance. Just applying a small manual pressure on the flipper helps the blade move out of the handle assuring a safe, one-handed fast deployment and then it locks the blade for confident handling.

What’s more, the system is ambidextrous, so it doesn’t matter if you’re left-handed or right-handed. The reversible pocket clip also allows the user to choose which side to carry and also whether to carry tip-up or tip-down.

The frame lock designs make the knives safer and quicker for deployment. This system is equipped within the handle and keeps the blade locked inside the handle while the user tries to close the knife. Pressing the frame to the side unlocks the straightened blade enabling it to fold and lock inside the metal frame of the handle. There’s also an additional tip lock system to prevent accidental opening of the blade.

Unlocking the blade from its frame lock might be a little tricky. Even with the assisted opening flipper, one should make sure that no part of his/her hand is on the front side of the handle while pressing the flipper to ensure the instant open up is not cutting or injuring you.

However, users who are familiar with the SpeedSafe system or have used pocket knives before can use it very comfortably.


The blade of the Leek 1660 is made with 14C28N Sandvik steel, which is one of the highest performing knife steels in the world. The optimized chemistry gives rise to high-class knife steel with excellent edge performance. Its hardness and good corrosion resistance make the knife sturdier.

Moreover, an attractive blade coating is to be credited for its aesthetic look. It has a smooth non-reflective / matte surface, owing to a mixture of fine media that is added to the blade steel under high pressure. This fine media plays an important role in color variation as well.

The 410 stainless steel alloy handle that comes with this model is designed to provide corrosion resistance making the knife more durable. Along with the frame lock mechanism, the handle contains most of the features of the knife. It is also patterned with a line of ridges for a less slippery grip. A reversible pocket clip and tip lock are equipped with the handle as well.

Blade and Sharpness

This knife came razor-sharp out of the box. It can cut through thick papers cartoons or even ropes comfortably. The tip of the blade is structured to be pointed and really sharp, so it can be very handy in piercing tasks or doing detailed work. Sharpening the blade is also very convenient.

Overall, with the combination of its 14C28N Sandvik steel blade and professional buildup of stainless steel handle, Leek 1660 can be very durable and can give you years of service.


Pocket knives don’t look much but the utilization of this small tool is undeniable. But a general mind usually doesn’t agree to spend a hundred bucks on pocket knives. It is priced conveniently as well. One can purchase one of these within $50.

Kershaw Leek has become a favorite pick for the users recently. As much as pocket knives come handy, Leek 1660 provides a generous amount of service in the range of just fifty bucks.

Kershaw Leek Review – Final Thoughts

Pocket knives are versatile tool. No specific feature makes a knife objectively better. Rather as different features serve different purposes, it helps you to understand which one would specifically fit your need. it has almost all the features a person looks for in EDC knives.

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The perfectly leveled sharp 14C28N Sandvik steel blade and stainless steel handle combination produces a perfect EDC knife. Leek 1660 is perfectly fitted in any grip and easy to maneuver. The ultra-fine tip of the knife can perform tasks like piercing as well. Carrying a pocket knife in your everyday stuff can substitute the task of many other tools. Investing in one of these will never outlive its usefulness. 

If you are looking forward to buying an EDC knife, Leek 1660 would definitely be worthy of your bucks.

Pros and Cons

The necessary pros and cons are given below which might help you a possibility or scope in order to justify the product based on your requirements.


  • The blade of Leek 1660 is of outstanding quality which provides very durable performance.
  • The professional build made this knife suitable to handle tough tasks.
  • The frame lock design is very useful in its safe usage.
  • Sharpness of the blade lasts longer because of the frame lock system.
  • Leek 1660 can be safely be carried in your pocket or purse as the reversible pocket clips.
  • The convenient SpeedSafe feature makes the knife easy to handle single-handedly.
  • The tip lock system is really user oriented preventing the accidental pull-outs in pocket.


  • The metal build of the handle makes it a little slippery for sweaty hands.

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