I have encountered a recent obsession of mine with Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife with Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade. Why I like it you may ask? It is because of this knife is kind of bit funky and also works pretty well.

In addition, I like this knife so much that I had to recommend it to one of my friends and they are happy with it. You know what happens when we go on an adventure? We never rely on a single or particular knife in order to maintain the whole survival act, rather we take different knives so that we may understand which knife is better for what purpose as we all know that all knives have different specialty.

However, just to make it clear, let me give you an example, when me and my friend are on an adventure trip we take at least 3 knives and that is because every knife are best known for its individual quality or maybe more than that such as some are good for bushcrafting, some have good fire striker and the other one might be extremely sharp.

This  Knife also known as Mora companion knife is great for almost every purpose. In addition, let me tell you that my opinion or this review may differ with you which is completely all right.

Here comes the review for your better understanding.

The Exclusive Features of The Morakniv Companion Knife

In Sweden, there is a town named Mora, and what’s more, an edge making affiliation regarded for passing on amazing quality yet sensible sharp edges. Moreover, this sharp edge can be called as Mora of Sweden.

The Mora Companion is doubtlessly a legend among the most clearly valued and proposed edges among those related with bushcrafting or other outside wild exercises. Differentiating survival and bushcraft schools and instructors utilize what’s more support the Companion as a central frontline decision.

In Short, this cutting edge is the vital fundamental choice for understudies at the present time and this is in light of the fact that this edge is a fair quality sharp edge.

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The Materials of The Blade

The knife is made from 12C27 stainless steel with a 4.1 inch stainless blade which is 104 mm Scandi grind. In addition, the overall length of the knife is 8.5 inches which is 220 mm.

In addition, this knife has a thick blade and the thickness is 2.5 mm and it weighs 4 ounces and that is around 116 grams. The knife has an amazing corrosion resistance.

This is a carbon steel knife which also makes it a stainless. Therefore, there is a potential for striking sparks from a rot from you making a flint and steel fire.

However, the back of the knife or the back spine is not really a sharp 90 degrees and it has just got a little bit of roundness to it and that is a drawback if you are trying to use the back of your knife to scrape a Ferro Rod. Moreover, the steel has an HRC of 56-58.


One of the wonderful certainties about the blade is this is a lightweight blade and furthermore gives an agreeable grasp. In the event that you ask me, I would state I like this blade since it cuts extremely well additionally has sharp edges.

In any case, the knife makes astounding plume or feather sticks. What’s more, given me a chance to disclose to you a mystery, despite the fact that this blade is utilized for substantial metal works, be that as it may, you can likewise utilize it as a regular everyday carry or EDC cut.

In spite of the fact that it’s anything but a solid handle cut yet, it cuts well. While I was making plume sticks, it didn’t require any push. I was simply controlling my thumb and the blade appears to know everything.

However, this knife is a good one in order to clean your wood also cutting fish and all. I am saying this because in order to make tents me and my friend used woods and also cut fishes for food purpose.

As I have already mentioned that this knife knows its job and does it pretty well.


I basically had a great time using this Mora (MG stays for Military Green) stainless steel cut. The cutting edge is also helpful for batoning. I used a hard piece of oak wood and the cutting edge made a critical fair appearing with respect to in batoning.

Although, each instrument has its restrictions and this cutting edge is a better than average one I should state. All in all, this cutting edge is an all-around honed sharp edge and it costs under $50. You may ask yourself why a lightweight blade can be this difficult to do hard works.

At that point let me disclose to you this let’s not pass judgment on a book by its cover. You are only a single tick away to purchase the blade and discover it yourself if this blade is really this great or it’s simply each of them a lie.

Sheath System

This Mora Companion cut has a plastic sheath. In order to keep the sharp edge rust free you may oil the steel and oil it well and after that, a short time later put the sheath on the sheath keeps the rust.

Moreover, if sometimes you are going from hot to cold you will get stooping working up inside the sheath and it will keep any utilization on there. In addition, there is a drawback which is if you turn the knife upside down while the sheath is on, the knife may drop.

The sheath has an amazing clip point that helps the knife to clip tight with your cloth. Overall, I like this knife really well perhaps I prefer a leather sheath of maybe different material.

Handle and Ergonomics

The Handle is elastic treated secured handle both the dim and green which are solid. The handle gives a not too bad handle and a basic hold. You won’t go up against any issues while batoning with overpowering wood or cutting something hard by any means.

Regardless of the way that, as I said it before that every lace has some particular requirements anyway despite each and every piece of it, this edge is valuable for uncompromising work and regardless, this sharp edge is a sensible one for youngsters.

This has been indicated before that the sharp edge is genuinely not a full crush slice which suggests the likelihood that the cutting edge may require generous batoning quality yet will work.

Overall Review of The Morakniv Companion Knife

To be completely forthright, as I would like to think, this blade is great for tenderfoots. All things considered. It has the grasp that gives you a decent hold. The hardness I find is peaceful amazing.

This Knife has an astounding sharp edge which will wow you. On an alternate note, in the event that you are not happy with going on experience with this blade then this still can be used as an ordinary everyday carry or EDC cut.

Besides, with a specific end goal to cut fish, vegetables or possibly chicken this blade is fundamentally a ponder. I would state, start with this blade and you are now open to doing substantial work with it.

However, huge numbers of us like profound blades as far as batoning or bushcrafting and yet notwithstanding of the lightweight this Mora cut is such a decent one, to the point that you will extremely like it.

Pros and Cons


  • The Handle is rubberized coated handle both the black and green which are solid.
  • You can make astounding plume or feather sticks by this knife.
  • The knife costs under $50.
  • The knife is made from 12C27 stainless steel.
  • The steel has HRC of 56-58.
  • The knife has an amazing corrosion resistance.


  • The sheath can be loose at times.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is this a full tang knife?
A: No, this knife is not a full tang knife.

Q: Is it an USA made?
A: No it is a Swedish knife.

Q: Dose this knife has a Kydex sheath?
A: This knife has a plastic sheath.

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