Ontario RAT 1 Review

It has been years that I’m using knives for different purposes. I’ve tried all affordable and expensive knives from different companies. Cold steel, Benchmade, Spyderco are those brands I’ve used and reviewed for those who want something useful, not fancy and affordable of course. But there are so many people who use and collect knives as their hobby. Doesn’t matter how expensive it is, which brand it carries they won’t think twice before buying it.

If budget is not an issue, you are a regular traveler who used to travel around the world and most importantly you want and swift high-end brand with an exclusive price range than Ontario RAT 1 should be number 1 in your priority list.

Exclusive Features of Ontario RAT 1 Knife

* It can serve you verity tasks as you required.
* Blade looks very attractive and bright.
* Tip down carrying facility.
* versatile size.
* Phosphor bronze washer included.
* 4 corners Design.

General Dimension and shape

Ontario RAT 1 comes with an ideal shape and size. It has 8.6 inches long length and owes a 3.5 inches blade. The overall weight is 5 ounce which is very flexible to carry for anyone anywhere. It has a very solid and well-decorated design. It carries not only the brand name Ontario also it carries a class itself.

Ontario RAT 1 is a very demandable in the market as it has changed the view and thinking of people towards the conception of EDC. Usually, people think an everyday carry knife should be smallest but Ontario has proved that this thinking should have to be changed. Ontario RAT 1 comes in the list of largest EDC knives. It comes with a very versatile size with an attractive drop point.

RAT 1’s tip is sturdy so that it can perfume verity of tasks as you required. The blade has no-frills and the addition of full flat grind adds simplicity to its outlook. The entire blade is stain finish with Z black coating.

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Blade and Sharpness

Compare to its outlook at a glance you will find its blade very attractive and bright. This knife is so sharp that you don’t need to impose extra pressure on its edge to cut it faster. RAT 1 will provide you with a premium experience of chopping because of its blade. This blade doesn’t require to share it again after a while but in a long-term use, you can sharp this knife which is very easy than other knives.

Ontario has used an awesome expensive martial to made this delicate blade of RAT 1. Ontario used AUS8 stainless steel which is made in Japan. This AUS8 is a mid-range Japanese steel which has a high demand in the knife industry.

RAT 1 has a flat back edge this is another reason for working faster than any other knives. It also has plain sharp round inner edge which helps you to grip RAT 1 safely. The surface of the blade is super flat and plain which gives a smooth finish. RAT a carries a very intense and attractive drop point and it’s well screwed with the handle and ergonomics.

Handle and Ergonomics

When you tend to buy a knife the very first thing you will notice is the handle and its ergonomics. You will feel great when you will take the RAT 1 in your hand. Ontario RAT 1’s pillar constriction is admirable. The entire handle is made with Zytel (Exclusive Plastic). After knowing about Zytel you will think twice before buying it. But let me tell you this an 8 inches knife is only 5-ounce weight because of Zytel. It used as a handle martial to not to make this knife heavier.

The liners of the knife are made of stainless steel which has not only provided a new dimension also backed up the handle to make it strong. Ontario used Nylon scales in the solid liner of RAT 1’s ergonomics. The ergonomics is nicely designed on its 5 inches to handle. The handles are large, thick and easy to grip.

Ontario is the only company which gives you the color variation in each model. Spyderco, cold steel and other brands offer you a single shade of each knife. But in the case of Ontario, you have a lot of shades of each model to choose from. In RAT 1 comes in 4 different colors cream white, OD green, Z black and space blue.

The Choli in ergonomics is well defined. The Choli has put in such a nice way that your fingers don’t slide into the blade. For traction and control, Ontario used sharp thumb rap. The most important is RAT 1 works fantastically in both forward and reverse grip.

Pocket clip and Portability

The pocket clip is another attractive section of RAT 1. The pocket clip is colored in Z black in every shade of this model. The pocket clip is long as the handle of RAT 1 is long itself. The Pocket clip is strong enough so that it will stick strongly with your bag, pocket or etc.

The pocket clip has owed a different style of design which is named “4 corner design”. You will get tip down pose facility to carry RAT 1. The pocket clip is perfectly screwed with handle and it gives you a perfect portability. You can carry this knife very easily with this portable pocket clip.

Deployment and Expansion

In one word the deployment is excellent.  This is the very first time when Ontario added phosphor bronze washer in their deployment.  Those who will contradict the pricing as extremely high with the knife they will definitely find this price reasonable comparing to the deployment section of RAT 1.

The finishing of deployment is very nice and smooth. RAT 1 has some nice large ambidextrous thumb studs it will give you leverage and provide you the access to snap the blade faster. RAT 1’s deployment is one of the most deploying design and features are Ontario has ever.

Lock an Safety

After seeing the knife for the first time the words will come to your mind to describe RAT 1’s locking system is solid and crisp. Ontario has used a thick piece of steel in the lock to secure the locking system as per safety concern.

Ontario doesn’t compromise with their lock. They always give their 100% to secure the locking system. Their locks are always hard and solid as the rock. That’s what Ontario is famous for.

Comparison between Ontario RAT 1 VS Ontario RAT 2

If the above explanation is not enough then here is a comparison of two knives from the same company, same series but with another version. This is not about pulling Ontario RAT 2 down it’s all about compare the features and make things clear about what you want and what not.

Overall Review of Ontario RAT 1

If you only focus on RAT 1’s feature it is quite hard to beat even for Ontario itself. RAT 1 has the perfect proportion of handle and blade. This is a larger EDC knife but you lift it to your hand it won’t make you feel that you have lifted up a large EDC because of its lightweight.

Ontario RAT 1 is actually a brilliant creation of Ontario itself. No one can imagine such a perfect combination like RAT 1. Because the best knife materials are heavy so if you want to use that the knife will get heavier. So all the time it’s very contradictory to maintain a perfect balance between the weight and the martial. But what Ontario did is amazing. The put so expensive materials by keeping the weight only 5 ounces. RAT 1 is an all in one combination knife.

Pros and Cons


  • Perfect proportion of handle and blade.
  • The pocket clip is strong and long.
  • The lock has backed up with a thick piece of steel.
  • Phosphor bronze washer is in deploying system.
  • Used AUS8 mid range Japanese stainless steel in blade.


    • The size is slightly larger for those who prefer a smaller one.
    • Price is high a little bit but compares to the features its fine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why should I buy this knife particularly?
A: RAT 1 is one of the most comfortable and lightweight large EDC which is a unique combination hard to find.
Q: Why is the deployment different?
A: It will provide a phosphor bronze washer which allows you to wash frequently and easily to clean it
Q: What are the safety precautions of RAT 1?
A: In locking system RAT 1 has a thick piece of steel which works as a back up to lick the knife tight.


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