If you are not new in this site than you already know about Ontario RAT 1. If you look at RAT one the only problem you can face is the size. RAT I is listed as larger EDC knives so if your requirement is for small knives that you may not buy that one. But after analyzing the features you will face a dilemma between your desire and your comfort. As Ontario has been always caring about their clients so they brought a new addition of RAT I which is RAT II.

RAT II is not fully copied RAT I. There are major and a minor change with the amazing features of RAT I. No doubt Spyderco paramilitary II, Benchmade Griptilian is amazing For EDC but if you want something to combine RAT I along with this two then you can trust Ontario RAT II blindly.

Exclusive Features of Ontario RAT 2 Knife

* Pocket and people friendly.
* Robust design.
* Small size and shape with exclusive features.
* Plain utilitarian blade.
* Urban EDC.

General Dimension

This Knife has a very comfortable in size which is 7 inches long.  The blade is 3 inches. Surprisingly the weight of this knife is extremely low compared to its length and features. The weight of this amazing beauty is 2.75 ounces.  All these features made RAT II people and pocket-friendly.

Ontario RAT II comes in the list of urban EDC’s. RAT II is made in Taiwan. Taiwan’s knives are famous worldwide because of the martial they used and the finishing they provide in each knife. Maybe this is the reason why RAT II to has enlisted its self as one of the highest selling knives worldwide.

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Blade and Sharpness

RAT II has an amazing blade quality and design. Ontario has designed RAT II with an amazing modified drop point which was very innovative to design in an a3 inches blade.  RAT II comes with a plain utilitarian blade. The blade is made with AUS8 and that makes the edge of RAT II great. The knife zips very easily because of full flat, grind and thin blade.

it’s tip is plenty pokey which helps in detailing works.  The outlooks of the blade are marvelously bright and satin finish. You can pick anyone from two blade design of RAT II. RAT II comes in two designs one is Shinning black coating and another one is shinning silverish coating.

Handle and Ergonomics

The handle and ergonomics are designed in the robust style similar to RAT I. Ontario used stainless steel pillars in its ergonomics to make RAT II’s handle stronger. The constrictions on RAT II’s pillar are simple and effective for users.

The handle is made with a special type of plastic named Zytel which is the reason for the extreme less weight of the knife. Ontario designed RAT II different color combination so that you can choose any color over the range they provide.

The ergonomics RAT I is standpoint which makes the use comparatively comfortable. Plastic scales and stainless steel pillar made RAT I also added a new dimension to its outlook and use. The corners are rounded so that you won’t feel any poke when you carry it on your pocket. Many customers like me also reviewed about the round edges of the handle that it’s smooth, not aggressive.

Pocket clip and Portability

The pocket clip is similar to RAT I. The color is black in every shade of handle.  The pocket clip is stain black finished and longer so that the knife could stick with the carrier itself.  The design of the pocket clip is followed by a utilitarian design which keeps the outlook simple.

You will get tip down pose facility to carry RAT II. The pocket clip is perfectly screwed with handle and it gives you a perfect portability. You can carry this knife very easily with this portable pocket clip.

Deployment and Expansion

The deploying system of RAT II is amazingly smooth. Ontario has deployed AUS8 blade to the handle pretty well. In deployment, Ontario included a different pattern of washer made with sintered bronze.

The blade cascading is very gentle and it also has a nudge ambidextrous thumb stud. The Blade is perfectly placed in center all because of the deploying system. The deploying system is one of the best admirable portions of the entire knife.

Lock and Safety

One of the most expensive locking systems all over the world is a robust locking system. Ontario has used this special lock-in RAT II with a little modification. You will get a beefy liner lock combined with a robust liner lock. This combination keeps inside the handle tight. You can also disengage the lock bar very easily when you need to.

Final Review of Ontario RAT II

this is the latest and updated version of RAT I. After getting the huge response from RAT I and receiving huge feedback regarding its size. Ontario decided to introduce the same features in a different modified way.

Deployment, handle designing, locking is system is more updated then its previous version RAT I.  RAT II is made in Taiwan and they have used different techniques to use RAT II user-friendly. Ontario used an expensive and exclusive washer in it so that washing a knife gets easier for you. So Ontario RAT II is a great decision to buy.

Pros and Cons


  • Beefy and robust locking system.
  • The pocket clip is long and easily portable.
  • Variation in the colors of handle and blade both.
  • Latest Sintered Bronze washer in deploying the system.
  • The blade is made with AUS8 mid-Japanese stainless steel.


  • Price is comparatively higher than its previous version.
  • The knife is hard to open because of the locking system is so good.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How is the locking system of RAT II?
A: RAT II has combined two types of locking system to ensure the safety of its user.
Q: Why is this different from RAT I?
A: RAT I is bigger in size and RAT II used sintered Bronze washer which is more updated than RAT I.
Q: Why should I buy this knife particularly?
A: RAT II is smaller than RAT I with nearly same features and Ontario has provided comfort as much as possible in it.

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