Schrade SCHF36 Review

Blades are ostensibly the best apparatuses that man has ever concocted. For one, they have been in presence since the season of our most crude predecessors.

So the other day I was looking for knives that will give me two in one facility within a fair price. These individual product made for survival camping and everyday carry (EDC) purposes always kind of bothered me. I started asking around to my family and friends that why can’t I find a single product with these two exclusive features.

I have done quite a few experiments with knives. You might say I have a keen interest regarding cutlery. There’s always a question pounding in my mind that why hunting knives can’t be used for everyday carry (EDC).

Later, after doing some researches and taking advice from friends and family, I came across a new knife that will help me provide my required services. Exactly, I am here talking about the cool Schrade SCHF36 Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Knife.

SCHF36 has been a decent survival cut for each climber and EDC users. Individuals have cherished this blade from the specific first appearance of it in the market, and most likely will love it generally.

Exclusive Features of SCHF36 Knife

There are numerous sorts of blades, yet the bushcraft kind is most likely one of the minimum known ones and they are surely not the average home blades that you use for nourishment readiness. Truth to be told, they are generally utilized outside, for survival and crisis circumstances. In addition, I am in search of a knife that will have both of the qualities that I am looking for in a knife.

In 2015, Schrade put a ton of exertion into redoing is blades, and it began with settled sharp edges. The SCHF36 was the first of these blades to be discharged, and from that point forward a lot of settled cutting edges have turned out and they have all been decent, in any event as far as details.

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Blade Body

My dread with this blade was that it was too huge to be a decent shaper and too little to be a decent chopper. There is some reality to that. Notwithstanding, Schrade SCHF36 guarantees to carry every one of the highlights you can anticipate from a decent bushcraft knife, just for a lower cost which is under $50.

The general length of the knife with a cutting edge length of 5 inches or 12.8 centimeters and a weight of 12.3 ounces. In addition, the dimensions of this is knife is 12.8 x. 3.6 x 2.2 inches.

Likewise, the ninety-degrees edge of the blade spine is great in making it a striker against any limit weapon. Furthermore, consequently, it is a great partner or companion while you continue climbing or mountaineering.

This knife has the 5.05″ sloping edge or drop point, a sharp edge is just about a quarter inch thick and made of 1095 high carbon steel. The sharp edge has a dark covering, which averts rusting and appearance in the daylight. Thus, you can utilize this cutting edge for long without the dread that it will get rusted/it won’t get rusted effectively as it will require very some investment.


This China made Knife is a solid handle cut clearly. It, in this way, can be utilized for bushcraft and furthermore pulverize nuts and batoning wood. What’s more, it additionally has a symmetrical granulate on it and it has completed an extraordinary activity on the honing as I would like to think over the most recent couple of months.

This knife chops pieces of woods or popular in order to light a fire with the fire striker very well, however, you must be cautious while cutting branches. Point to be noted, on the off chance that you are in a survival circumstance, this Knife will be a great companion and will get necessary cutting, chopping and batoning jobs for you.

The important fact that seems to make this knife from the others is that it gives you a total choice to use it in a survival purpose or everyday carry (EDC). In our backyard, there’s a little space which is covered up by a mass of brambles and trees in the mid-year, with this incredible cool Schrade SCHF36, my friend and I fooled around. Apart from this, I likewise did some cutting and bark stripping while my friend and I were on an adventure. All I can say is that this knife didn’t let us down instead it actually wowed us with it’s extremely cool features.


This knife gives a good grip and the jimping makes it all possible. This knife has a full tang construction. SCHF36 weighs a bit, therefore, you can definitely chop like medium to light weighted stuff. It could be either clear branches or lodge poles. Moreover, because of the hollow grind or really fine edge, you’ll be able to get really fine feather stick making done.

The finger choil is a tad small compared to other knives out there in the market and you might get a little bit of rubbing in the finger choil. So basically all of the camp tasks that you need to do even with a tip you can do easily.

In addition, you can also dig a bow drill hole if need a piece of wood. This knife is a very strong capable knife that is capable of any possible tough cut. So, if you are looking for that more compact, really tough blade then this blade is just for you.

Sheath System

The sheath of the blade is comprised of nylon and it incorporates a couple of additional items in the sheath. There is a ferrocerium bar and a honing plate. Much the same as some other item from Schrade’s this blade is additionally produced in China.

The sheath provides a black polyester belt with a Ferro pole and honing stone. There are little Velcro pockets with bungee on the sheath accompanies with customizable button snaps which is incredible. In actuality, the stitches are somewhat low quality contrasted with other blade’s sheaths. Along these lines, might have to re stitch the sheath if you find the necessity of it.

In addition to this, I would suggest you could use a Kydex sheath in order to hold your knife.  Moreover, compared to its price point this knife will impress you in every possible way.

Handle and Ergonomics

The handle of this best quality survival knife alongside EDC accompanies a ring-finished TPE handle with spine, grasp jimping, and cord gap or string opening.

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) is an amalgamation of various polymers which contain thermoplastic and flexible properties. It also suppresses the positive attributes of plastic and elastic. In addition, the handles of this best quality survival cut have significant scores ensuring slip resistance, despite when dealt with wet or tricky hands.

The TPE handle of the edge SCHF36 has ring-like surface which helps for a tight hold in any condition. To be sure, even the jimping in the spine and underside of the edge adds quality to the finger choil to extend modify. The knife has a rubbery like handle that gives the best hold when you get a handle on it for using the edge. The TPE plastic gives the vital grasp in order to make the utilization of this blade, less complicated.

Schrade SCHF36 Overall Review

Overall I can say that this hunting, survival quality knife will give you a nice grip and more or less an average sheath. In my understanding, the sheath system could be more opulent. However, regarding the price factor, this knife is quite affordable.  Furthermore, I would say that the knife is very much adjusted between the sharp edge and the holder. It is anything but has a consistent lightweight cut that can be utilized.

The calfskin pressing of the blade SCHF36 is bolted and is best to join with belts. The pressing additionally holds the additional honing stone to make the edge sharp. The pressing is great with the blade.

The exclusive packing with leather of this affordable good quality Schrade SCHF36 is bolted and what makes it best is that it is jointed with belts which is nothing but incredible. The exclusive part is that there is a sharpening stone that comes along with the knife in order to sharpen the blade. Most likely, this is a knife that would give you sufficient support within minimal price which is basically under %50, when you need it.

Pros and Cons

The necessary pros and cons are given below which might help you a possibility or scope in order to justify the product based on your requirements. These are given below.


  • The TPE handle of the edge SCHF36 has ring-like surface which helps for a tight hold in any condition.
  • The sheath  provides a black polyester belt with a Ferro pole and honing stone.
  • The sheath of the blade is comprised of nylon and it incorporates a couple of additional items in the sheath.
  • There are little Velcro pockets with bungee on the sheath accompanies with customizable button snaps which is incredible.
  • Price is under $50.
  • ferrocerium bar and honing plate attach with the sheath that is an exclusive feature.
  • Full tang construction.
  • Very much adjusted between the sharp edge and the holder


  • The sheath system of could be more opulent.
  • Weight might make some differences for making it a choice.
  • Can make some work difficult due to its slight heavyweight.
  • A bit heavy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Will this knife get rusty?
A: There might be a slight possibility of getting rusty but the black coating on the blade will prevent this to happen.
Q: What is the steel made of?
A: This is a pure carbon steel.
Q: Is the handle comfortable and does it get slippery when wet?
A: The handle is perfectly comfortable and the jimping on the knife will prevent it from getting slippery.
Q: How can I sharpen the blade?
A: You can use a smith pocket pal in order to sharpen the blade.

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