Schrade SCHF9 Review

I have been given a lot of reviews past few days and I have discovered myself as a knife lover who. During this process I became aware of so many knife related things I was not even aware of. Funny isn’t it? Never even imagined I would be writing reviews based on knifes and its ergonomics.

This year I bought a knife on my birthday and since then I have been keeping this amazing piece with myself as one of my adventure companions. Before buying, little did I know that this would even get on my one of the favorites list. This knife is basically capable of doing almost all the work that one might need due to survival purposes.

I am talking about the renowned knife company Schrade best known for making incredible knives has launched their another fighter Schrade SCHF9. I have also used their another superior quality knife Schrade SCHF36.

In addition, personally like Schrade knives its cause, they don’t hype their products out of the blue. The knives that they sell, are actually good quality with nice finish.

Let’s take a look at this review that might help you buy this product. However, this is totally my opinion and you might not agree with me which is totally alright.

Exclusive Features of Schrade SCHF9

To be honest, although prior to the success which happened after launching SCHF line Schrade company wasn’t making good quality knives. Everything took a different turn when they started manufacturing this individual superior line.

Just like other cutlery brands for example OLD Timer, Uncle Henry, Schrade Tuff or maybe X-Timer, Schrade is also created by one of the popular brands Taylor. The founder of the company is none other than Stewart Taylor and been maintaining its dignity since 1975 by producing good quality knife.

Ever-enduring in particular manner, indisputable in appearance and adequately extreme to cross ages, the new Schrade can be a timeless companion to you and your family that you might pass it to the next generation.

Each Schrade cut you purchase is upheld by a Limited Lifetime Warranty against any gathering deserts. in short, you will get lifetime warranty on every buy and keep it to you as a precious gift for the upcoming future

Don’t waste your time and money on buying knives that you would regret for later. Now, I am going to talk about the blade and other features of the knife that may actually help you to find the out why this knife is better than others.

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The Material of The Blade

This thick monster has a considerable measure of capacities at a stunning value point under $50 dollars. This blade weighs 15.9 ounces which is essentially a pound which is great, substantial weight to have the capacity to do some extremely overwhelming weight woodwork and I think that its marvelous.

Schrade SCHF9 settled cutting edge cut sharp edge is a quarter inch spine solid handle development and it will part wood like there’s no tomorrow. I am basically a fan of bushcrafting and batoning and find doing this is super fun. This blade has an aggregate sharp edge length from the tip to the handle sizes of 6.4 inches and afterward a genuine front line of 5.75 inches, so just about 6 crawls there on the bleeding edge which is awesome.

The steel is 1095 high carbon steel. Point to be noticed that this I made in Taiwan not made here in US. There are a few disadvantages too with respect to this blade like different items.

What’s more, I found what this 1095 is that, it is somewhat harder to resharpen to get a decent edge on Becker items or possibly ka-bar. Also, it some of the time neglect to hold its edge very as long. This blade may have a lower warm treatment on it making it extremely pleasant and intense however the edges probably won’t hold as some higher-final results.


The sharpness of this blade is incredible. It is good for batoning, bushcrafting and other woodworking. The SCHF9 is a pretty nice chopper. As it has been said earlier it quite a big one and the service it provides for the little money you will pay would be a win-win deal.

When you get out in the forested areas, you can utilize the cutting edge as you would a hatchet for little slashing employments. This survival knife makes excellent will remove lumps from a branch in a rush and on the off chance that you require it to shave wood twists for flame tinder, it can do that as well. An overwhelming sharp edge beyond any doubt removes the work from camp errands.


The handle of this cool survival Schrade is quite gigantic and therefore it gives a nice solid grip on. However, it would be nicer if the handle could be a little thin. In addition, you can use the knife in extended periods and also in poor weather conditions.

The drop point blade design forms an extra strong tip piercing, poking and fine cutting. In addition, the sharp contoured edge is crafted to maximize every chop and cut and the exposed tang at the base of the handle makes it tough tool for pounding and crushing.

Handle & Ergonomics

The Schrade SCHF9 settled forefront cut had Kraton handle and strong handle advancement which is incredible. It furthermore has jimping on the handle in any case, the handle scales cover it. So it doesn’t not by any stretch of the creative ability finish a ton for you.

The handle in like manner gives you a thumb slant, so when you holding it on the base you could do some injuring, prying things. Also, you could use this as a vital sharp edge regardless of the way that, this cutting edge is a critical touch considerable for that.

If you see the cutting edge you would notice that it has finger grooves, along there is to a great degree no issue zones. In any case there is an issue you may face, which is the handle scales are amazingly fat yet this edge got a to a great degree charming flare which is helpful for slicing.

Regardless, this handle is kind of fat. Regardless, this makes me get a better than average hold, you presumably won’t feel the same as me.. This fat bud will help you during batoning.

Sheath system

it comes with a ballistic nylon sheath and I think the quality is okay. It has a little string hole on the bottom for you to tie that onto your leg and you would be able to carry it on your belt. This sheath also has a little front pouch with a clip which I think a bit poor in quality.

The sheath keeps the blade secure and ensured. I like the tie and snap which is flexible enough. The helpful removable pocket is useful for survival purposes. The cord you can use as a crisis cordage or perhaps to hook the sheath base of your thigh.

The carry option also includes a hook and loop flap system, that permits you wear the sheath without expelling your belt and MOLLE perfect ties for appending it to outfit.

Schrade SCHF9 Review and Final Thought

I find this knife pretty amazing. This 1095 HC steel is really good for batoning and feathering. However, most people might not like it due to heavyweight but to me I find this feature quite good for me.

You would find a hard plastic insert, inside the sheath for your knife to go inside which gives your knife a better protection. Moreover, the sheath also has MOLLE compatible straps. Overall, I think the knife does the job that it needs to do.

Pros and Cons

The pros and Cons are given below for a better understanding.


  • Good for batoning, bushcrafting and other woodworking.
  • Ballistic nylon sheath.
  • The carry option includes a hook and loop flap system.
  • The sheath also has MOLLE compatible straps.
  • The steel is 1095 high carbon steel.


  • A bit heavy to carry.
  • The fat butt gives a tough hold.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is this a full tang constructed knife?
A: Yes, without any doubt this is a full tang constructed knife.
Q: What about the Sheath?
A: The sheath is totally MOLLE Compatible.
Q: Is this knife USA made? 
A: No, it is made in Taiwan.

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