Ways to Sharpen your knife in Wild

Imagine you went camping and having fun. Suddenly you find out there are no tools for sharpening knife. It is terrible, isn’t it? The knife is an essential product in wild for survival. From cutting to safety there is no other option for the knife.

There are many types of knives are using in the wild such as Survival knife, pocket knife, hunting knife. Unique styles of blade steels and distinctive kinds of blade grinds require specific grits and extraordinary honing angles. We just need to be careful about what type of sharpener we are the usage of for our knife. The knife can loss its sharpness by overuse and becoming dull. A dull knife is no use in the wild for survival.

When there are no extra tools for sharpening the knife, we must follow the natural way to sharpen the knife and having a smooth time in the wild. Many options are available for a knife sharpener. Just follow the tips and get a sharp knife.

8 Ways to Sharpen your knife in Wild

01# By using a rock

Using rock is most convenient tools in the wild. Many people went camping at Riverside or near Underhill. There are many different sizes of rock are available. Try to find a perfectly smooth rock. If it is wet then make it dry.

Then smoothly slides up and down the knife on the rock to sharp it. Check the blade continually and clean the blade so that there will be no scratches. Keep in mind the surface of the rock has to be smooth and plain. Follow the same process for another side.

Finally, check the knife by cutting something, if it works then there will no need for sharpening. Stand stone is good rather than the crumbly stone which can ruin the edge of the knife.

02# Making a whetstone

As many people carry a different type of knives, it is important to know which type of whetstone should be needed. There is manmade and natural made whetstone for sharpening the knife. As we are talking about natural whetstone, it can be used by lubricant oil or water.

To make a natural whetstone, we will be needing a fine piece of the grindstone and a piece of wood to set the stone. Use water or lubricant oil on the stone and make it wet after that slides the knife up and down on the whetstone. Whetstone is perfect sharpener for a different type of stainless and expensive blade.

03# Using original leather

Isn’t it amazing to sharpen the knife with the products we are wearing or carrying? Original leather is really useful to sharpen the knife in wild. Suppose you didn’t find any other product then you can use your own leather belt or bag to sharpen the knife.

Take off the belt and use the back side of the belt to sharpen the blade. Slide both sides of the knife in the leather and it will work amazingly. Do not worry stropping will not destroy your product at all. It also makes you tension free to find the product.

04# Use Ceramic or steel mug

During camping, everyone carried a mug for drinking water or coffee. Do you know, the back side of any ceramic or steel mug can be a good sharpener for the knife? Yes, it is. Actually, ceramic is like hard as a rock which is quite useful as a sharpener.

One steel product can sharp another steel product by rubbing with each other. Use the back side of the ceramic mug and slide the blade on it to get a perfectly sharp blade. I personally prefer ceramic over steel as steel is not as hard as ceramic and rubbing another steel can destroy other. Glass can also be a better choice as a sharpener.

05# Use Paracord

Paracord is one kind of rope which is made by nylon. Paracord is the most essential product for camping to build up a tent, firm something into the tree or any other metal, capture any animal, etc.

Nylon can create an electron in the steel by rubbing and make it shape. Get some mud and rub it into paracord. First strop the blade in to mud part of paracord after that use the clean part to make the knife keener and its edge nice. The combination of mud and nylon will work really well.

06# Find some Cement

Cement is also hard as ceramic and rock and it also gives the sharpness into the blade by sliding on it. Some camping ground has some cement made structure or houses for the campers.

Though finding cement is quite difficult in the wild. If there is any chance of finding cement then you can use it to sharpen the knife otherwise there are many methods are available in wild.

Though finding cement is quite difficult in the wild. If there is any chance of finding cement then you can use it to sharpen the knife otherwise there are many methods are available in wild.

07# Metal Tent-Peg

The tent is must have for camping. Riverside or in the forest tent is the best option for a camper for sleeping, eating and resting during their camp time.

A tent peg is made of metal which is used to set the tent in the ground. It is strong and hard so that it can hold the tent during bad weather and make it stand. So you can use a metal tent peg for a knife sharpener. It will give a wonderful finishing into the blade and make it sharper and keener.

08# Sanding Stick

Usually, sanding stick is not naturally found. It can be made. It can be carried for camping for sharpening the knife during camping. Camper can keep some sandpaper during camping. Find a wood stick and stick the sandpaper into it. It can have many layers on it.

After making it you can use it wet or dry. Both works amazingly on the knife and make it sharp. To make it more useable glue can be used otherwise one sanding stick can use only one time.

Now you have no worry to sharpen the knife in the wild. By using all the methods, you can sharpen the knife anywhere without any tension and enjoy the camping in a relax mood. To find more about survival methods in the wild you can visit Reviewpr.com

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