Well, a few days back if you ask me to spend $100 on an everyday carry (EDC) knife! Probably I would have said you a big no! and then I realized ok! I, myself continuously depends on a knife since morning when I start buttering my bread for breakfast. and I end up using a knife at dinner while cutting my baken. So spending $100 at a time is wiser than wasting $120 in 6 months. This is more like an investment you are doing for your need rather than your comfort. Spyderco Paramilitary 2 is the one which not only pushes your comforts ahead but also accomplished your desires and needs. Here is the complete break down of Spyderco Paramilitary 2 for you so it will be much easier for you to find out, why to invest in it.

Exclusive Features of Spyderco ParaMilitary 2 G-10 PlainEdge Knife

Blade Breakdown

The overall length of this beauty is 8.3” carrying a blade 3.4”. the weight of para 2 is 3.75 ounce and this is a USA creation. This knife is designed to use this as a tactical knife or any heavy duty utility. But this is now tremendously used in EDC works. This knife contains a classic 3.5mm blade stock with drop point blade.  this knife is best for slicing fruits.

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Handle, Pocket clips and Ergonomics 

After the blades, the most comfortable part of para 2 is its handle. The handle of para 2 is black and nested with stainless steels liners. These liners have been used to mill a little bit to reduce its weight. this is a 3.75-ounce knife but still light. the corners are rounded precisely, well screwed and over all the handle design and construction has met the standards.

Before jumping on the details of ergonomics you need to know about 50-50 choil. This is a finger choli made with both blade stock and handle. This will provide you with a tremendous grip on this knife. The handle is slightly bigger than normal that’s true but this one is quite comfortable. the ergonomics of this knife is magnificent in one word. 50-50 choli is the reason why para has been praised a lot.

the pocket of para 2 is quite big but yet comfortable at the same time. para 2 provides you with a deep descent stain finish. the pocket clip of para 2 is hourglass shape. so it’s quite easy and comfortable to use. para 2 is one of the best EDC knives because this is a great thing to carry in the pocket. this is slightly bigger in its size but this is quite lightweight so while carrying it in your pocket you won’t feel like your carrying a knife along with you. This knife will fulfill you with big and small knives together. the reason for its demand is this as well.

Deployment and lock 

Deployment of para 2 is slightly oversized but deployment is incredibly smooth, consistent and fast. if you try to use this knife with gloves you will feel the smoothness of deployment in every flick.

the lock system of para 2 is appreciatable. Para 2 use compression lock to open and shut the blade. the mechanism of this lock is user-friendly and smooth. the best part of this lock you push so hard the lock gets tighter. wedging the liner between the tang and stop pin that’s how the compression lock works. it will take a little practice but yet it’s very comfortable.

Another best part of the compression lock is you can unlock it with your single hand. yeah, that’s true it ma you will hardly get this type of lock in any knife as flawless as paramilitary 2.

Spyderco ParaMilitary 2 Review and Final thought

If you are very much choosy about knives like me then you should go for Spyderco Paramilitary 2. this is the best of best knife for EDC. If you do a little bit of research and market visit you will find this is the most sold knife around the world.

The premium quality steels of Paramilitary 2 is the biggest attraction of consumers. so if you out there searching for an EDC knife undoubtedly Spyderco paramilitary 2 is what you are searching for.

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