There’s nothing new of me being a knife lover. Last month I took a leap of faith and ended up buying a knife that I thought I would never buy. There’s a catch, cause basically most of the time I kind of take advise from my friends and then buy knives.

But what made me take a leap of faith? I guess that’s an embarrassing mystery you’ll never know. Or maybe I change my decision and tell you in the end.

But here comes the main part, was this leap of faith a success? How about I leave this to you? How about you readers decide if I was a gainer in terms of buying this knife. And you never know, maybe at the end of the review, you may end up buying one?

I believe I am a wanderer which gives me the opportunity to carry an EDC (everyday Carry Knife) whenever I am out with friends for hunting or let it be a BBQ party. Here comes the fun fact, I have been getting a lot of funny names given by friends for my obsession towards knives.

Finally, without making any delay, let’s just take a look at the review given below of such incredible Zero Tolerance 0350 knife.

Zero Tolerance 0350 knife

Creator Ken Onion has taken the Zero Tolerance Knives on a whole new level, followed by a very rewound company in the knife world which is Kershaw. Genuinely, Ken spread out the affirmed Speedsafe that helped opening framework for Kershaw edges.

Moreover, this dynamic opening framework you will be able to find in so many combat knives manufactured in the shade of Zero Tolerance Line.

The spurred opening on this edge is strong! The lock system is super amazing, as it locks in the exact same place where it supposed to be reinforced a thwack sound. Just to be honest, let me tell you, this knife is probably on the list my favorite knives.

It is so obvious, that is commonly said as Kershaw (KAI) have been making the best spurred open sharp edges available throughout the past several years in the market.

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The Materials of The blade

The overall length of this amazing USA made knife is 7.75 inches with a 3.25 blade length. The blade thickness is 0.125 inches with a hollow grind and also the blade itself is made of s30v steel.

This ZT 0350 stainless steel knife has got a black tungsten coating on it. The knife weighs 6.20 ounces. In addition, this knife has a cutting edge of 3.125 inches.

In addition, this knife feels really good in the hand and has an amazing palate design. To be very frank, when I bought this knife I was all awed by the box. This box is delicate which says ‘A real beast’. However, I can assure you that this knife is a literal beast. The knife feels impressive and very solid. How about you use and then decide?


This knife comes with an amazing shape, more like in a perfect shape. It is not either too big or too small. It’s inadequate enormous for some to think of it as only applicable for doing ‘fighting edge,’ yet it’s someplace near the best most remote degrees of what a great number individuals will pull around in their back pocket for the term of the day.

Although whatever you say, you cannot deny the fact is that this knife is super amazing and dangerous in terms of steel. It is to a great degree tough and constantly solid. The sharp edge is extremely solid and holds an edge well. It is likewise estimated moderately. In addition, this knife is ridiculously sharp.

 Although, regardless of whether you discover this blade somewhat costly at that point know this that it is such a blade, to the point that you can use for quite a while to be correct, years and something you can use through years with moderate cost is what we live for.


By now you probably have gotten an idea about the blade, for example, how sharp it is, what made this steel so strong and solid or maybe the facilities it is providing. Apart from all the facts that have been discussed here, you might have missed the point about the strength of this knife.

Does it fit your hand? Can you get a good grip holding this in your hand? Is it slippery? Let me be clear about that, you need to hold this first and you will be the judge.

This knife, to me, is as strong as a beast. It will provide you with a good grip, and it is not slippery. There are jimping on the handle which I believe will help you to get a solid hold on the knife.

Although, I have mentioned it earlier that this knife is an everyday carry (EDC) knife. But what made me say this? Let me tell you why I like this knife so much. First of all, this fits my hand so easily and I find the liner lock sytem so good which leads me to the next point and that is handle, ergonomics and pocket clip system.

Handle and Ergonomics

As a G10 handle, this knife is not aggressive rather it is very solid. The ZT 0350 is a substantial knife and it feels very much substantial. This is a very ergonomic knife with all the grips it has to offer.

If you use this knife, you will kind of feel that there is some force behind every cut and it feels like there is a switch and my hand wants to go there. Moreover, it kind of feels very natural with this knife. In addition, the reverse grip also has a jimping and you will feel comfortable holding it. Although I don’t mind the spring assisted flippers though I like the manual flippers the most.

Pocket clip and liner lock System

Let me tell you something I haven’t told yet which is, I personally like pocket clip system knives. I prefer them mostly its cause, you don’t have to face any trouble with different sheath problems cause you have clips. And can easily adjust the clips with pockets, there are no extra burdens. There are four different options regarding the carrying clip options and there is also a lanyard hole.

This knife has a liner lock system and when you push it, it just closes. The knife also has a thumb stud and I personally find this probably a bit difficult to flick open.

In addition, you can easily open this knife with either hand using the flipper. However, it is not ambidextrous closing because of the positioning of the liner lock.

Zero Tolerance 0350 Review

If you have made it here then bravo! You have read it all. But, I have liked this so much although the flipper. I am not saying that the flipper is not good, but some might find it tough to deal with. Moreover, apart from this, I don’t find any problem with this knife.

This is an extremely sharp knife, hopefully, you will be careful using it. Although if you are a pro then nothing to worry about, but for the beginners I would suggest them, taking in consideration to wear gloves. Lastly, you won’t be disappointed using it.

Pros and Cons


  • ZT 0350 stainless steel knife has got a black tungsten coating on it.
  • This knife comes with an amazing shape, more like in a perfect shape.
  • It will provide you with good grip, and it is not slippery at all.
  • This knife is ridiculously sharp.
  • The sharp edge is extremely solid and holds an edge well.


  • Some may struggle with the flipper.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is there any sheath comes with the knife? 
A: No, there is no sheath system.
Q: From where is it made of? 
A: It is a USA made knife.
Q: What model is this?
A: It is a ken onion model.

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